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A huge £74,000 legal bill has been charged from lawyers for a case that got compensated for just £13,000, a very high respected judge is furious how much the bill cost

March 15, 2012 by  Filed under Featured, News


This legal bill is nearly six times the amount of the compensation paid out, this case didn’t go to court as it was even settled outside of the courts. The high up judge as slammed the no win no fee solicitors and culture for the expensive bills for their legal costs. This case was only a minor injuries were the victim was awarded just under £13,000 in compensation and yet the legal bill from the no win no fee claims lawyers was a staggering £74,000 nearly six times more than the compensated to the victim. The victim was a plumber who was injured at work, his name was Adrian Simcoe. The plumber was paid out £12,750 in compensation for his injury while his lawyers charged a huge £74,000 for legal bills.

Mr Simcoe explained to his lawyers that in 2005 he started to develop pain because of the repetitive nature of his work assembling shower cubicles.

The firm who put the legal bill in from this case was Irwin Mitchell the personal injury group, they firm were charging fees from about £250 per hour and if they won the case the price will have doubled. Irwin Mitchell says that they are a well respected law firm in the UK and they are also one of the most successful law firms in the UK today.

Lord Neuberger the Master of the Rolls has said something is out of kilter, when these type of charges are being demanded for such a minor no win no fee claim.

Two other judges also agreed with Lord Neuberger in a Appeal Court ruling. They want to reform the huge expensive costs of the civil justice system, mainly the amount of fees that the no win no fee solicitors are charging.

Mr Adrian Simcoe’s employer decided to pay his employee for the damages caused to him and settle his claim in April 2010, he was based in Bradord, Bradford Jacuzzi UK.
Although his employer settled this case out of court and paid out for the damages caused the lawyers legal fees were adding up becoming more than the amount paid for the compensation.
The firm hired by the plumber were charging from between £135 to £250 per hour for the solicitors time.

Lord Neuberger has said that this type of cost is huge and this is not really a exceptional case. Hopefully the new changes will take place soon and the amount of charges for the no win no fee claims for the lawyers legal bill will be reduced to a reasonable amount of money. We will have to wait and see exactly what changes do take place and how it will effect the UK and the no win no fee claim culture.

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