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No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Bill For The NHS

February 23, 2012 by  Filed under News, No Win No Fee Solicitor


A huge amount of claims against the doctors and NHS trust has run up a massive bill of £15.7 billion for the Health Service.
The NHS budget has had to keep some money aside so they have the money to pay out for compensation. They will have to pay out to over tens of thousands of people who are claiming clinical negligence.

A MP has mentioned in a report that they think a lot of the bill is because of all the false claims or claims were no one has really been hurt are the reason why the bill is so much. They said they think this is the reason why babies have been left brain damaged.

Medical science can now do wonders as they are bringing more and better medicines and equipment out so people with life threatening injuries are living longer. This is costing the NHS alot of money for the injured life long care bill.

Some say that the rise in costs are also because of the no win no fee solicitors people can now put medical negligence claims, personal injury claims in etc on a no win no fee basis. This means that the claimant will not have to pay any money if they lose the case. Lawyers are encouraging and pushing them into making these type of claims because after all they have nothing to lose.

The NHS have to pay a lot of money out for compensation, with a no win no fee claims lawyers the NHS have to pay a lot more money out because the lawyers charge more money from the defendants so they can cover for their own bills in lost cases.

From year 2009/10 it has cost the NHS £15.7 billion for lawyers fees, from the year before it has gone up to 13 per cent on the liability bill.
Lawyers take about a third of the cost of money paid out by the NHS in compensation, which is a huge amount of money going to these solicitors.

Officials have said that the full bill cost could end up being £23 billion if they get a few more cases in court than expected against the NHS.

The NHS had about 8,500 clinical negligence claims last year, this went up to 30 per cent from the year before. Victims who put claims in every year it costs roughly about £! billion a year in compensation for the blooper claims.

The amount of money the NHS has to pay out is huge and it seems that the cost is rising each year. Surely there is going to be something done about these false claims so that the cost can be reduced even a bit.

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