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Whiplash injury claims bill cost a huge £2 billion, but the motor insurance is set to drop because firms are working together to do this

February 18, 2012 by  Filed under News


Britain is now the whiplash capital of Europe, if the government get a grip of the compensation culture in Britain then insurers agree to drop the cost for the motor premiums.

There are that many whiplash injury claims right now that there is a staggering £2 billion bill per year, for every average driver this is costing them an extra £90 a year to their motor insurance policy.

David Cameron wants to get a hold of this and he has had meetings with the insurance industry so they can work together and get a grip of the motor insurance claims.

Today there are about 1,500 whiplash claims in Britain every day, because of this ministers are going to investigate and see how they can lower the amount of these whiplash injury claims.

Over the past three years the amount of whiplash claims has gone up 30 per cent, it has gone up because of the ambulance chasing lawyers.

Ministers are looking at a few different possibilities and one of them is putting a stop to all whiplash claims for whiplash injuries that are driving at a low speed. They also want the insurance industry to work together and to start making it tougher for claimants and to challenge suspect claimants in the courts.


They are going to try and ban referral fees, lawyers pay a certain amount of money to claimants so they go with them. Most of these claimants go with no win no fee solicitors. Ministers also want to cut the fee of £1,200 that lawyers can charge when they get a small personal injury claim.

They want to make it harder for claimants by making sure they prove their medical evidence to back up their whiplash injury claim for compensation, including their loss of income and injury.

The government and the insurance industry are cracking down together so they can lower the amount of accident injury pay outs to claimants and also so they can drop the cost of insurance premiums.

The past year the motor insurance bill has gone up 17 per cent to £410, this is the largest cost of living squeeze in over the last 60 years.

The cost for motor insurance for young drivers in Britain cost a lot , for a young male driver it roughly costs them about £2,977 and for a young female driver it roughly costs them about £1,682. Insurance firms and Ministers are trying to find a way to lower the cost of motor insurance for these young drivers. They are thinking of doing a probationary period for young drivers who have just passed their test and have qualified, they want them to be accompanied with a qualified driver at the age of 25 or over for their experience.

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