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About 700 firms out of 5,000 have been struck off for chasing car insurance claims

February 7, 2012 by  Filed under News


Transport Secretary Justine Greening is said its going to be tougher to make a car accident injury claim. Britain is known to be the whiplash capital of Europe, the amount of whiplash car insurance claims is rising as we speak. She wants to try and ban claims that are low in speed and bring out better medical exams to diagnose whiplash. She is going to study the whiplash laws in Germany were she believes whiplash accident claims are not acceptable for vehicles speeding less than 6.25mph. She also wants to target all these lawyers chasing after these car accident claims and who are pulling in millions of pound doing so.

There are about 5,399 claims management companies referring car accident claims to a no win no fee solicitors in exchange for money. Some of these claims management companies sell these claims on from £500 onwards. An investigation by this newspaper as revealed this.

The government for malpractice have closed down 707 firms for chasing the car accident claims. The legal establishment has tried to block and protect its rich collecting from the scam. This is the reason why car insurance premiums are rising dramatically. A report says Ms Greening is said to be furious with the legal establishment in doing this.

Ms Greening is said to be meeting with key cabinet colleagues to go through and draw up a package of measures when the Prime Minister is going to chair a special Downing Street summit on this crisis.

Due to the amount of false whiplash claims the amount of insurance premiums are shooting up and this is also happening to the driver who stick to the law its not only happening to the dishonest whiplash claims.

It is said that Ms Greening is considering to make calls for anyone who causes a false accident whiplash claim, then if they are to be found guilty then they could possibly face jail. She wants to create a criminal defence for people who would create a false claim.

Britain is now known as the Whiplash capital of Europe with over 1500 claims everyday. Alot of this is down to ambulance chasing lawyers.

Many companies and firms have been shut down due to chasing victims and telling them to put car accident claims in and also putting false claims in themselves. Claim companies are under strict rules of conduct under the Ministry Of Justice and must follow these rules or they can possibly be shut down.

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