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MP’s say to stop false claims that motorists must prove whiplash injury claims

February 6, 2012 by  Filed under News

Mps are now saying that all motorists should have to get tougher medical tests so they can prove they have got whiplash. This way we can reduce the false claims.
The claims for no win no fee solicitors for whiplash are rapidly increasing and a lot of them are frauds. Lawyers are exploiting this with all the no win now fee claims. The committee found this is the main reason why motor insurance is rising.
The MPs are saying the government should come up with a way of reducing the cost of motor insurance. MP’s have said to the insurance companies to abandon practices that make insurance premiums higher when dealing with motor accident claims for example passing drivers details on to other parties.
The committee’s chairman, Louise Ellman has said it would cost a lot of money for insurers to challenge the whiplash claims because they involved injuries where diagnosing it is often subjective. Personal injury claims and no win no fee solicitors claims are continuing to rise and the majority of them are whiplash claims. This is the reason why motor insurance cost so much.
According to the committees report road traffic accidents have double in the past decade, lawyers are cashing in on the claims for whiplash compensation. Injury claims are continuing to rise.
The report said that the payouts for whiplash for all motor insurance personal injury cases are 70 per cent, because of this motor insurance premiums went up to 16.4 per cent last year. Injury claims on the road have gone up to about 395,735 a year, between years 2000 and 2005 to 790,999 last year. This is despite a 33 per cent drop in road accident casualties during the past ten years starting from 2000 from 301, 529, 208 and 648.
In the future if the whiplash claims keeps rising then we think there would be a strong case to think about primary legislation to require objective evidence of a whiplash injury. Or if the injury had a significant effect on the persons life before the compensation would be paid out.
Claims management companies, solicitors and Insurers are the ones that have risen the cost of motor premiums. They encourage people who didn’t cause the road accidents to put a claim in for personal injury, car hire and other legal costs.
The report has asked for all referral fees received by insurance companies that pass on all the personal details of policy holders to garages, lawyers and credit hire companies that replace courtesy cars and accident repairs to be banned.

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