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Millions of pounds made by Lawyers claiming from the NHS negligence claims

February 9, 2012 by  Filed under News





New figures have showed that £66 million per year is being earned by Lawyers through helping the patients to sue and put no win no fee solicitors claims from the NHS.

According to the Ministry of Justice the total cost per year to the taxpayer from all the cases that win clinical negligence have more than doubled in the past four years.

In 2006/2007 the amount of clinical medical negligence claims against the health department have risen from 5,426 to 8,655 in 2010/2011. The total legal costs of the claimants suing the NHS rose from £83 million in 2006/2007  to £195 million in 2010/2011. This equals the same amount as 12,000 nurses salary per year.

Just days before the government planned to reform the law in this area it emerged the details of the big financial cost of the no win no fee claims and cases against the health services.
The House of Lords are going to carefully examine this law.

The rise in the amount of medical negligence claims are said to be because of all the no win no fee claims arrangements. Those who want to remove the cause of this will only have to pay legal costs if their actions are successful. The total cost for defending the actions has now risen from £49 million to £62 million.

The Justice Secretary Mr Ken Clarke has said that patients who have been neglected by the doctors or staff in the service should have the right to sue and be compensated and no one begrudges them from doing so.

The rules of no win no fee claims for medical negligence solicitors have made the litigation so profitable that all the claimants have entered the markets trying to get and encourage more and more patients to sue the NHS.

The problem that concerns us more is the huge rise in payments from the NHS not to injured patients. The lawyers are acting for them.

We need to make priority urgently and sort this compensation culture out, we must get it under control because the money is all coming from the NHS budget. The taxpayers think the system should reward the lawyers of the claimants properly and give the claimants there compensation.

In the House of Lords next week the bill for the Legal Aid will be carefully examined and the arrangements for no win no fee and medical negligence claims will be scrutinized. The legal aid bill aims to stop the claimants who win from taking from the losing side the expensive insurance premiums they take out when they do these claims and also there lawyers fees. These costs for the damages will be paid by the winner.

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