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Personal injury claims cost a huge £2.4 million a day, this has risen the cost in insurance policies by about £30 per year

February 28, 2012 by  Filed under Featured, News


The Association of British Insurers (ABI) have said lawyers are being paid a staggering £876 million per year in legal fees for them to settle these personal injury claims, these are being caused by the daily road traffic accidents. There is roughly about £1,666 added to motor insurance premiums every minute.

A report said yesterday that the UK motorists are paying out a huge £2.4 million daily for their motor insurance policies, this is to cover the astonishing amount of legal fees caused by whiplash claims and personal injury claims.

This is causing each person on the road more money to pay, they have to pay roughly about £30 extra for annually comprehensive insurance policy. This works out to be on average £418 per driver which has risen 18 per cent per year.

A special insurance industry conference was held today in London called The Future of Casualty Claims! The figures were released early in advance from the ABI.
At the conference it was saying how a recent compensation claim for a work related injury that was settled out of court cost £74,000 for legal fees when the work related injury claim was worth £12,750. Also there was a legal aid bill that ended up costing £37,250 while they were settling a claim for a women who fell into the moat at a castle which she got £15,000.
The cost of these bills for legal fees are astonishing the lawyers are running up the cost for these personal injury claims etc
They are encouraging people to put their claims in because they are no win no fee solicitors.

Britain’s compensation culture is costing people to paying more motor insurance premiums, the amount of no win no fee claims and personal injury claims are rising some of the claims are being done when the person has not really been injured this is happening because of the solicitors offering a no win no fee deal and the fast payouts they will receive.

The head of the motor and liability insurance, Mr James Dalton has said that because of the fast track process that came out in 2010 for settling the lower value personal injury claims. This has led to faster pay outs for the claimants. This has cause the fixed costs in the process remain too high.

The government must crack down on the compensation culture, the amount of personal injury claims are far too high and its costing Britain a lot of money. They must have fixed fees for the solicitors so that it reduces the costs to more realistic levels, said Mr Dalton.

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