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No Win No Fee Claims, Personal Injury Insult! Lets not go there!

February 21, 2012 by  Filed under Featured, News


Last week David Cameron’s insurance summit was held and they were discussing ways for the government to crack down on this compensation culture. The whiplash claims are going through the roof. These whiplash claims can be a pain for the insurers and yet its the insurers who are encouraging the debate about the scale of personal injury claims. The summit held didn’t represent any accident victims or consumers.

The reason for this summit was to get some type of commitment from the insurance industry that when or if the changes being said do actually happen then the cost of insurance premiums will drop said a spokesman at Downing Street.

The insurance industry are the ones in the driving seat, the legal profession are way behind in the dust.

The insurers have said that they will drop the cost of premiums if the changes take place, it will take some doing that this will actually happen to convince cynics.

We would all be pleased if we had to pay less for our insurance premiums but will this actually happen, who will police it? We don’t know.

No 10 done the summit so that the Prime Minister David Cameron could let the insurers know what he wants them to do. A spokesman has said that they wont so far be doing a similar summit with them. What they will do is be consulted as the Department for Transport, the Ministry of Justice and other departments draw up detailed plans.

Do people know more about their legal rights these days? Or is it just a case of the compensation culture going crazy and out of control. People can now put no win no fee claims in without worrying about the cost.

There are efforts trying to lower the costs associated with these claims, they are looking into banning referral fees from the no win no fee solicitors. Who know is this will happen but there has been a lot of suggestions and comments about this.

No one can deny that the amounts of claims are rising. They know this because they get their figures from the most reliable Department for Work and Pensions compensation recovery unit. This is updated with every compensated claim they receive so it can recover benefits paid and the cost of the NHS treatment as a result of personal injury cases.

The amount of motor accidents claims over the past five years have risen from a huge 52 per cent to 790,999 in 2010/11. Public authority claims have has risen to 94,872 that is 19 per cent.
Employment claims with liability are one of the claims that have fallen over the past five years, these have fallen about 17 per cent to 81,470.

The Department for Transport has said there are about between 660,000 and 800,0000 accidents or casualties on the road every year.

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