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Court Orders Lincolnshire Hospital Trust to Pay £10.8m for Medical Negligence

May 22, 2012 by  Filed under News


Court OrdersThe London’s High Court has ordered the Lincoln County hospital to pay £10.8m to Milly Evans, a girl who suffered scourging injuries at birth. Following her birth on March 2001, Milly was shifted to the neo-natal unit at Lincoln County Hospital where she went through resuscitation procedures and experienced a seizure. Kate Evans, the mother of this 11 year girl, asserted that if the new born was properly monitored, the accoucheuse would have detected her abnormal fetal position sooner, and the baby would have been delivered without the ruinous injury. Sir Robert Nelson, the judge described this event of medical negligence as a “tragic event” and asked the hospital at fault to pay £10.8million as compensation.

The devastating injury at birth has made Milly a patient of cerebral palsy and left her with lifelong difficulties needing constant support and care. Mrs. Evans reported that the accidental injury has snatched Milly’s ability to walk and speak but she has the strength and capacity to communicate through eye-gaze and facial expressions. Susan Roadway QC, the solicitor appointed by the Evans, described the incident as an accident that could be easily avoided. She expressed her grief for the loss of life that the little girl could have had if she had not been the victim of such a dangerous injury. The no win no fee solicitors present in the court appreciated the court’s approach in dealing with the case.

The United Lincolnshire Hospital NHS Trust admitted their fault long back in March 2010, but had been contending the amount to be paid as compensation. Recently, Sylvia Knight, the director of the hospital trust, apologized on behalf of the trust and agreed to pay the compensation amount and promised to take measures to prevent this type of injuries.

The sum compensation awarded to the 11 year Milly is one of the highest amounts, if not the highest medical malpractice awards in the United Kingdom. Milly sat with a smiling face while the court proceedings were going on. Kate Evans, her mother, said that the money will not make up for the loss but will definitely help Milly to enjoy a secure life.

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