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No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Claims Seriously Disabled compensation because of staff at Northampton General Hospital

February 21, 2012 by  Filed under Featured, News


A little girl aged 10 is left seriously disabled because of medical reasons and care during her birth at Northampton General Hopsital. She finally got her compensation payout today at London’s High Court, her claim was worth millions. There are many cases similar to this all over the UK and people are claiming through no win no fee medical negligence claims.

Her name is Hannah Gudd she is aged 10 there was complications at her birth. She was starved of oxygen during her birth while she was in the womb, this happened on 1st April 2001. She now has to be fed through a tube and has really severe cerebral palsy because of this she is also blind.

Her mother’s name is Emma Gudd she has sued Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust and the hospitals manager’s for her daughter. She is blaming the hospital and hospital staff for her daughters terrible injuries so has put in a medical negligence claim, she believes they neglected her daughter and that’s why she is the way she is today.

Although the hospital have admitted that they were to blame for Hannah’s injuries, there was still a trial to take place to see how much money she would receive in compensation.
At London’s High Court today Margaret Bowron QC for the hospital has said that they have decided on a settlement for Hannah, they offered her a lump sum of £1.15m, also annual, index linked and tax free payments for all of her costs for her care for the rest of her life.

They also told the court that not only has Hannah suffered devasting injuries but because of her injuries that her life expectancy is now reduced and she wont live as long as she could have without these birth injuries.

A lot of medical negligence cases similar to this are happening to many other people in the country. No win no fee solicitors are helping the claimants get compensated.

Hannah wont just receive the lump sum of £1.15m but she will also get £135,000 per year until year 2019 and then for the years after that for the rest of her life she will receive £225,000 per year said the family QC Simeon Maskrey.

The trusts QC Miss Bowron said that she hopes that her family especially her devoted parents can find some peace in knowing that they have financial security for their daughter Hannah.
She has said how deeply saddened the trust is for Hannah’s devastating injuries cause at birth and wishes her and her family all the best for the future.

I honour Hannah’s parents for the time and care and devotion they have for their daughter and i am more than happy with the lump sum payout she has received and also the payouts she will receive every year. I approve this settlement said Mrs Justice Lang.

Gary Williams Hannah’s solicitor was standing outside the court and he said the settlement decided will be able to give Hannah a safe home and environment for life. No money can compensate these terrible injuries what she has suffered but hopefully she can now live in a safe environment and can afford the equipment for her care.

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