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Filing Road Traffic Accident Claims with Expert Solicitors

November 1, 2012 by  Filed under News


Getting involved in a traffic accident without really having anything to do with it is an extremely unfortunate happening. The misfortune, however, really begins after one has faced the road traffic accident, in the form of medical bills, travel expenses, loss of payment due to absence at work and, last but definitely "road traffic accident"not the least, intense psychological trauma induced by the experience. Thankfully enough, the no win no fee system has enabled the citizens of the United Kingdom to file claims for compensation against the negligent party that was responsible for the accident. This system entitles the claimant to engage a lawyer under the condition that the fees are paid only if the case is won, that is, the compensation is awarded to the claimant. However, there are several other points that need to be remembered too in order to get the most out of this settlement.

Looking at Every Side of the Business

This kind of an agreement denotes that the no win no fee solicitors will only have to forfeit their regular fees if you have been unable to procure the compensation; there are several other expenses that are incurred during a trial, and all of these have to be paid by the claimant. Usually, the lawyer pays for all the additional expenses like travelling and lodging and miscellaneous court expenses, and has to be reimbursed by the client at the end of the trial. Therefore, you should be making sure that the documents, that is, the receipts and the bills have all been maintained by your lawyer so that there is no confusion about the payable amount.

In the happy occasion that the compensation is procured from the respondent, the claimant has to pay the lawyer’s fees as well as the additional expenses. The amount that is taken by the lawyer is usually cut from the compensation amount itself, and depends on the lawyer’s policies as well as the law of the region. For example, in certain regions, the lawyer is allowed to have no more than fifty percent of the reparation amount, while in other regions, they can charge no more than a hundred percent, and this is exclusive of the other expenses.

In such cases, it is advisable to ensure that you strike a proper bargain right in the beginning of the case, that is, before you have even decided upon a solicitor to take on your case. This is because after having paid the fees and the other expenditure, you might be left with very little from your compensation amount. Therefore, do keep in mind that you have decided, beyond a doubt, on the amount you are supposed to pay before engaging the legal services of a solicitor in your road traffic accident claims case. Another bargain that can be struck between you and your lawyer is the 100 percent compensation claim. This is definitely the most suitable for the client as well as the respondent. The 100% compensation agreement denotes that the claimant doesn’t have to pay anything to the lawyer at all; all the expenses are included within the compensation amount. This agreement basically boils down to the fact that the respondent party has to pay for all the legal expenses that the claimant has incurred. By striking a bargain on these lines, you will be able to ensure that you are left with a comfortable amount after the lawyer has taken his dues. In most cases, lawyers charge up to and around thirty percent of the compensation amount, excluding the other expenditure.

What Makes a Case?

There are several points that you should know while filing for compensation. The no win no fee solicitors can help you file a claim for compensation on being "no win no fee"injured in an accident that occurred out of no fault of their own. However, since in cases it might become tricky to determine who exactly is the one to be blamed; careful analysis of the situation is necessary. In such cases, it is necessary to ensure that you weren’t the one to be blamed. A compensation claim for a traffic accident can be filed in the following cases:

  • You were the driver or the passenger of a motorcycle that collided with a vehicle, and the collision was not your fault. The other vehicle might be anything from a taxi to another motorcycle.
  • You were the passenger of a motorbike or a car that got into an accident due to the carelessness of the driver.
  • You were the passenger of a motorbike or some other kind of vehicle that got into an accident because the driver was inebriated.
  • You were the driver or the passenger of a vehicle that got into an accident because the road you were driving on was in bad shape.
  • Your vehicle got into an accident trying to swerve past a carelessly moving pedestrian.
  • You were involved in a hit and run accident as a pedestrian, a cyclist or a motorcycle driver.
  • You were the passenger of the driver of a vehicle that got into an accident because another vehicle was being driven by someone under the influence of an intoxicant.

What are the Consequences?

There is no such road traffic accident that can be termed mild or harmless. Any kind of a mishap on the roads is pretty dangerous, and can cause immense loss in life and property. There are several kinds of injuries that can result from a traffic accident. Whiplash injuries are some of the commonest forms of consequences arising from road mishaps. This involves wear and tear of the neck muscles and soft tissues. These injuries usually occur when the vehicle is hit at the rear end, causing the person inside to be jerked forward violently. Being dragged down the length 0f the road by a vehicle on being thrown out of one’s own, or as a pedestrian is an extremely serious form of injury. While this can involve no more than a few bruises and whiplash injuries, it might also result in broken limbs and even death. Head trauma and brain injuries are also extremely common in vehicular accidents. These injuries can eave people temporarily amnesic or paralysed, something which might last a lifetime and even loss of life.

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