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When and Whom to Contact to Secure Road Traffic Accident Claim?

October 25, 2012 by  Filed under News


The fortunate ones who have been able to escape accidents on the road might be unaware about its consequences. However, accidents will never come alarming you thus, one should be sure about the steps taken after a road traffic accident. If you ever come across of such accidents as the result of the third party driver’s fault then you are liable to get compensated by him. In the UK, the drivers are supposed to have insurance cover for the car so that having "road traffic accident claims"being caught in an accident they can payout the damages of the victims. Hence, a road accident victim is entitled to receive compensation from the victim. Such accidents can be categorizes into variable types that are claimable.

  • Car Accidents: Drinking and driving is one of the major causes of car accident and following it are endless other reasons such as, poor eye sight, poor road condition, rash driving and ignoring traffic rules. Mainly head injuries and neck and back strains are some other examples.
  • Motorcycle Accident: The craze of motorcycle has increased over the years may be because of its flexibility and stylized models. But then, with rise in demand the frequency of motorbike accident seem have increased as well. Most of the stunt maniacs start showing their action right on the road leading to severe accidents. The injuries endured in such accidents are major and it might lead to death bed as well.
  • Bus Accident: Sudden failure of brakes might lead to terrible bus accidents injuring the passengers and the drivers.
  • Slip and Trip Accidents: Whilst on the road, spillage of liquid on the road might be cause slip and trip accident that might injure the victims with cuts and wounds and back and back strains.
  • Whiplash Accident: A sudden jerk and jolt whilst being in the vehicle might cause whiplashes to the victim. Whiplashes develop neck and back pains that might last for life long period.
  • Pedestrian Accidents: Both the jaywalkers and drivers are equally responsible for pedestrian accident. But then, if you have suffered pedestrian accident as the result of other’s negligence then, you are liable to ask claim. In most cases, whilst crossing the road the pedestrians get slashed under automobile or hit by them.
  • Passenger Accident: Even if you are passenger in the car or any other vehicle and have some across traffic accident then, you legally you are capable to ask claim.

Even though, the victim has endured the above mentioned types of accidents the way to road traffic accident claim might not be easy. The opponent party will be ready with piles of documents to defend themselves thus, the victims should equally be ready with ample of proofs against the victim. Moreover, the victim might need someone who can represent the case at the court and can bear the responsibility of collecting proofs against the guilty. In such situation the victims can appoint the innumerable solicitors in the UK.

Enduring financial crisis after road accident might prevent the victims from appointing a solicitor. But then, they also no win no fee services to their clients.  On signing such agreement, the victims would not be charged a single penny until the no win no fee solicitors win the case. But then, on winning the case the plaintiff is entitled to pay success fee along with the legal fee to the legal advisors, which could be given with the amount of the compensation thereby lessening the financial burden from the victim’s shoulder.

Though, the victim contacts a conditional fee lawyers for your case but then, he also needs to cooperate with them. Until and unless the victims provide basic information about the case it would be difficult for the lawyers to work accordingly. Thus, make sure that you have handed over the informative file to them.  Read on the following domains to know the requirements of the no win no fee lawyers to win the claim successfully.

  • Legal Verification of the Accident: Make sure to lodge a police report as soon as you meet traffic accident. Such a report will "traffic accident"authenticate the case legally. You can also report the accident to the claims management agencies so that the case might get registered under the record of traffic accidents in the UK.  The report would be enough to know about the things of the accident as it states the date, time, place and the type of street accident endured by the victim.
  • Medical Report: With injuries endured in the accident make sure that you have shown the doctor. The medical report will acknowledge the injury of the injured that will enable the solicitor to calculate the value both for financial and non-financial damages. Moreover, the medical report will enable to decide the deadline of the tenure. However, it would also be a strong proof against the victim.
  • Provide the Collected Materials: If you have gathered the motor’s registration number of the litigant then, provide it to the lawyer along with the photographs of the accident, if you have any. Such clues would help the lawyers to track the litigant and then, hand over the legal notice to him. One of the most important materials is the contact details of the eye witnesses. With their contact details the lawyers might try to convince them in favor of the plaintiffs.
  • Report of the Expenditures: Collect all the medical bills and the repairing bill of the automobile that was damaged in the road traffic accident so that the lawyers might determine the value of the claim accordingly. The victim is also entitled to include the estimate of expense after potential medical treatment.

Be up-front when you talk about the case and tell about your expectations from the claim. Talk to them politely and calmly so that they do not misunderstand you.

If you want to avail the services of the no win no fee lawyers then, contact the various law firms in the UK or else visit their websites to know more them.

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