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Cycling accident claim

May 1, 2012 by  Filed under Featured, No Win No Fee Solicitor


An investigation on cycling accident revealed a series of potholes on the main road of South Gower. This negligence by the authorities took the life of Jason Price, a 40 year old businessman and a father of two. On the evening of 6th April, Mr. Price got hit by a passenger car as he lost control of his Cannondale bike and slammed into it. The passenger car was travelling in the opposite direction when Mr. Price, while riding with a group of cyclists collided with the vehicle. In spite of the emergency medical attention given by a doctor who was driving past the scene of the accident, Jason Price unfortunately died on the spot due to multiple injuries.

The inquest heard that all the experienced cyclists were not ignorant of the potholes that covers the A4118 and so avoids it like a plague. The inquest also heard that there were certain gaps regarding the inspection record of the road made by the council.

On the fateful evening of April 6, Jason Price had been riding along the road which was between Nicholaston and Penmaen before losing the control of his bike which threw him into the path of the passenger car driven by Thomas Edward Jenkins. According to Mr. Jenkins, at the time of the incident, he was driving to Rhosilli in order to tend to his horses when he saw a group of cyclists at a distance and claimed that the visibility was perfect. He further stated that he didn’t encounter any problem as he passed the first few numbers of cyclists until all of a sudden the last cyclist came over on the back wheel of his bike in front of his car which almost looked like the cyclist dived towards the front wheel of his car at full speed.

On car accident compensationclaim, the inquest for the road traffic accident heard the police investigation which reported that Mr. Jenkins was driving safely within the speed limit and he was not in a position to do anything for avoiding the fatal collision with the cyclist.

Other cyclists who were riding with Mr. Price at the time of the accident also stated for the inquiry of the cycle accident claim. According to them, the accident spot was a well-known spot for the experienced bikers as it had a series of nearly seven pot holes in a row and most of the bikers always avoided these pot holes during their ride.

Another evidence for the inquest provided by Anthony Riley, senior highway inspector at the time when this serious road accident took place states that in his visual inspections of the site, he could not find any major defects on the road but also reported that due to the combination of snow and frost along with the introduction of a very new electronic recording system implied that the routine monthly inspection of the road did not take place before the accident.

So, coroner Philip Rogers while recording the finding of personal injury and accidental death said that it was probable that Mr. Price lost control of his bike either in the process of avoiding the road defects or by running over them. If you have been involved in a accident after involving defects in the road and was injured it’s recomended to get free advice from a no win no fee solicitor to see if you can claim compensation.

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