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Road traffic accident has left a man paralysed so he claims, In Plymouth

February 24, 2012 by  Filed under News, No Win No Fee Solicitor


On April 26 2010 about 8.45am there was a road traffic accident with a motorcyclist and a bus.

The motorcyclist was a man named Richard Mo aged 23 years old he was riding his Honda motorcycle to City College Plymouth then supposedly the number 36 bus was said to have driven right in his way on Paradise Road said a writ lodged with the high court. The 23 year old has suffered devastating injuries and is now left paralysed from the accident.

He is now put a claim in against Plymouth City bus and go ahead group insurers two years after the accident took place. The legal battle launched has cost £500,000.

Part of Exmouth Road and Paradise road in Stoke was closed off due to the accident, they were closed until about 1.30pm by the police officers.

The police officers have said that the bus had students on it from the college. The students or anyone on the bus didn’t suffer any serious injuries.

Mr Mo from Stoke was the only person who has been seriously damaged by being left paralysed. He has suffered severe spinal injuries, with two fractured shoulder blades, he has spasms in his abdomen and legs and also has pain in them too. The 23 year old has to now be in a wheelchair because of his devastating injuries.

Many people on bus accidents may claim with a no win no fee solicitor for whiplash claims or some with more serious injuries depending on how bad or dangerous the accident was.

It is said that Mr Mo will need a special care regime in the future to help him do specific things, he will also need a fully equipped home that will be done to suit his disabilities so its easier for him to get around his home in a safe way. He will need help of someone to get in and out of his wheelchair. As you can read he needs a lot of care because of his injuries.

He is severely disabled and handicapped on the labour market, he wont be able to do much work in his life if he can do some type of work then he is unlikely able to work after the age of 50 because of his injuries and because his life expectancy is now reduced.

The writ was issued by a solicitor her name is Angela Nuttall of Irwin Mitchelle. In the writ Mr Mo’s solicitor has said that the driver of the bus Mr John Tait, drove his bus too fast and he tried to cross Paradise Road when he shouldn’t of because Mr Mo was in the road. The bus driver didn’t keep his concentration on the road because he was going way too fast knowing that a motorcycle was in the road, he should of slowed down when he seen Mr Mo in the road.

When asking Plymouth Citybus  was happened a spokesperson for them said they are unable to comment at this stage due to legal proceedings.

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