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Road accident claim woman crushed

May 5, 2012 by  Filed under Featured, News


Woman crushed between two vehicles; her condition stabilized due to prompt medical care. On Sunday, in Northwood Lane, at around 10.45 AM, a freak car accidentinjured a woman seriously. The accident happened when a car that was parked on a car ramp skidded off and hit another nearby car, sandwiching the woman between the two vehicles in the process. She was seriously injured in different parts of the body. The first person to find her lying in a severely injured condition near the two cars immediately called 999 for emergency help.

Following the call, a rescue team was dispatched to the site of accident immediately. The rescue team consisted of paramedics belonging to the Hazardous Area Response Team, an ambulance crew and Mercia Accident Rescue Service doctor.  The team went to work immediately. The injured woman was administered pain relief medication. The team then worked to ensure that her injuries are not aggravated further during transport to the hospital. Efforts were made to stabilise her wounds. She was fitted with spinal board, a neck collar and splints for the leg and pelvic parts. She was then transported to the trauma care centre Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham by a helicopter.

The well trained rescue team ensured that no further delay was caused in the woman’s treatment. They alerted medics at the hospital who were prepared by the time the woman was brought into the medical facility. Immediate treatment was started. As of now, although the woman is still serious, doctors revealed that she is in a stable condition. There has been no revelation about the identity of the woman. Her age is somewhere around fifty.

Her case is unique because although her injuries were sustained in an accident that involved two cars, it is not a typical road traffic accident case. At the time of accident, neither of the vehicles had anybody in the driver’s seat. So, although the woman is entitled for car accident compensation, her solicitors will have to figure out what kind of claims to make and who to sue for bringing about her injuries. Such car accident claims are not registered frequently. In any case, if the woman does make a claim, the compensation that she receives will be much less than the compensation that is offered in road accident cases for her kind of injuries. Thorough investigation needs to be carried out before solicitors decide whom to book for the accident. Furthermore, the upper cap on such claims tends to be lower than in cases when an accident is brought about due to negligence of driver. So, the woman and her family will have to bear a lot of expenses from their own pocket.

Doctors have not yet revealed if the woman will require long term care. If her injuries lead to partial immobilization of her body, she is likely to be dependent on medical care for the rest of her life. If this does happens, her medical expenses are likely to shoot through the roof. It has to be seen if she gets compensated for the injuries and if she does, will she be given what she deserves? Hiring an efficient solicitor for the job can make her get compensation her condition demands. If you have been involved in a car accident or any type of road traffic accident or even a cycling accident get free advice from a no win no fee solicitors and see if you can claim

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