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Portraying a Brief Picture of Accidents at Work in the UK

December 2, 2012 by  Filed under News


The workplaces in the United Kingdom are not safe for the workers. Thousands of accidents are witnessed in the commercial sectors of the United Kingdom. Workers who need to work at height runs the risks of accidental falls. They can face several other problems that the workers who work on ground can avoid. The Health and Executive reports highlight that in 2011 above 4000 employees were wounded after falling from heights in the United Kingdom. The government of the nation is ready to take steps to reduce the number of accidents caused by fall from heights. The Health and Safety Executive has already prosecuted some firms for violating the Work at Height Regulations 2005. The prosecution is expressive of the HSE’s concern that proper measures are not being taken to safeguard the workers from the risks of fall from heights. The government has asked the employers to be more cautious and provide proper guards while a person is working at heights. The nation has invested the right of filing an accident at work claim if the victim is in no way responsible for causing the incident.

The Work at Height (WAH) Regulations addresses each and every facet of working at height. They focus on the choice of working devices and throws light on the manner a work is planned and handled. The regulations have been introduced to bring down the risks of falls while working at height. These regulations enforce the requirements mentioned in the Directive 2001/45/EC amending Council Directive 89/665/EC.  The Work at Height Regulations includes the falls suffered in the construction sites and falls suffered by the workers using ladders during their work.

In case of a fall from height accident at work, the personal injury solicitors can suggest you the ways of filing your claims. There are many no win no fee lawyers in the UK who do not accept their fees till they win a case. Basically, they enter into a Conditional Fee Agreement according to which they cannot charge any fee before winning a case.

In order to enjoy justice after a fall-from height accident at work, it is important to get the assistance of a reputable solicitor. The solicitors who are reputed usually have the urge to keep up their name in the industry. A reputed solicitor will only accept you case if he sees winning potential in your case.

Do not select a solicitor all of a sudden. You need to do homework before selecting a lawyer as your service-provider. You can ask reference from your family members or relatives who have already availed legal assistance. You can also flip through the pages of your local directory to find a good solicitor. Internet research is, however, the best option that you can avail to find a reliable law professional. You can shortlist some names form the internet and go through the profiles of each of these professionals before choosing one as your service-provider. You should make sure that your chosen lawyer has a good performance record.

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