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Mole Valley Feed Solutions Litigated After A Lorry Driver Suffers an Accident at Work

June 17, 2012 by  Filed under News


A Devon firm called Mole Valley Feed Solutions has been fined after a lorry driver sustained serious injuries in an accident at work. Lee Waters, the 34 year old victim, fell from a tipper truck while removing the cover from the freights he was hauling. The accident occurred at a Wiltshire feed mill in the Porte Marsh industrial estate, and Waters fractured his wrist and pelvis. A work accident case accident at workwas filed at Chippenham Magistrates Court where the no win no fee solicitor representing the victim accused the employer for its failure to ensure basic safety measures to prevent accidents.

Lee Waters worked as a lorry driver under Mole Valley Feed Solutions and his responsibilities involved the transportation and delivery of grains to the customers. The accident compelled Waters to spend a whole week in the hospital and it took him eleven weeks to recover and return to work. Lee was diagnosed with acute arthritis and he suffered from deep emotional trauma when he learnt that he would only regain 80% of the use of his hand.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigated the event and started the legal proceedings against the accused firm. After the court hearing, Ian Whittles, an HSE inspector pointed out that it is most important for the firms to provide their workers with necessary safety equipments so as to prevent accidental falls from heights. It is the negligence of the Mole Valley Feed Solutions that caused the mishap. The firm failed to ensure the health, safety and security of its worker while he was offloading the truck on their site. The no win no fee solicitors present in the court during the hearing remarked that simple safety measures could have helped the worker avoid the mishap.

The judge at Chippenham Magistrates Court listened to the whole story and ordered Mole Valley Feed Solutions Ltd, of Station Road, South Molton, Devon to pay £6,000 as fine and £4,087as prosecution costs. The employer of Lee Waters pleaded guilty for violating Regulation 6(2) of the Work at Height Regulations 2005. A representative of Mole Valley said: “Mole Valley has an exemplary record as far as Health and Safety is concerned and are confident we have the necessary policies and procedures in place”. He described the accident as an “unfortunate and isolated incident” which occurred due to some specific circumstances and the firm adopted effective remedial measures necessary to prevent such accidents in future.

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