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Accident At Work & Workplace injuries & illnesses on decline in industry

February 10, 2012 by  Filed under News




In the past ten years Louisiana has been credited for the drop in work injuries, illness and fatalities this is due to the education, along with exercising pre-emptive measures for all employers and employees.

In 2010 the Bayou State had its lowest level of accidents at work since the Occupational Safety and Health Administration checked there record keeping rules in 2002, according to the workforce commission in Louisiana.

During 2010 a OSHA survey found out that injuries that were not fatal in the workplace had lowered to 2.7 per 100 fulltime employees. It was 2.8 per 100 employees in 2009.

It is said that Newyork, Texas and Louisianna are all in fourth place in the nation for having the safest workplace.

Physical Therapy Partner Trevor Bardarson said that companies are training there employees so they understand the environment that they work in properly, they are trained properly so there are less accidents at work and less no win no fee solicitors claims.

Companies are making sure all there employees know what to expect and no fully what they have to do with a specific job in the workplace. There are job descriptions explaining what is expected for a certain job role and they get the right kind of training to do the job. The companies also provide rehabilitative services after someone has had an accident at work.

Trevor Bardarson has said that the companies are doing medical screening and a functional screening where there employee will have to show them that they can do certain tasks or jobs for example walking up stairs, lifting a certain amount of weight, or pulling or pushing. The companies are basically letting there workers no what to expect in a job and are training them up.

The training in the workplace has helped so much with accidents at work there are now fewer injuries because of this training. Now there is less injuries and accidents at work there are fewer no win no fee claims for compensation with the workers. This is also dropped the cost for insurance premiums for Louisiana employers said Louisiana Workforce Commission Executive Director Curt Eysink.

In 2010 there was an estimate of 11,400 cases when employees had to take time of work. More than 33 percent of the employees were off work because they had sprains on the shoulder, chest, back, pelvis or abdomen. The most common in the workplace are spinal problems and muscular strain.









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