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A Discussion on Slip or Trip Accidents at Work

December 1, 2012 by  Filed under News


Slip, trip and fall is a kind of accident that is so common that almost everyone has encountered at a point of time in their lives. The strangest stories that make jaws drop are some of the simplest ones ever. The story of a man who survived a fall from the Niagara Falls, but died due to injuries sustained from a slip, trip and fall accident he met on an orange peel can be a testimony to this fact. So, what seems to be the mildest-injury causing accident is actually potential enough to make a person crippled for a life-time. So, if a slip or trip at work that has caused you deep injuries, get ready make a compensation claim against the offender.

Commonality of Such Accidents

This kind of accident is more common in public places like office, libraries, shopping malls, etc. where people do not pay too much attention to activities as small as descending the stairs or walking over the tile floor. In most cases people walking over the still wet parts of the floor that have been recently swept slip and have a fall. In other cases, people walking through the forbidden parts of the floor that have been barricaded for constructional purposes have met a slip and fall accident. In work places, the surrounding parts of zones and that are getting renovated are often littered with constructional tools and equipment  So, if enough attention is not paid, the passersby are likely to trip over and fall, thus injuring themselves.

Repercussions of Such Accidents

A slip or trip accident can have multiple repercussions starting from breakage of bones, fractures, crack in the waste and even cause a person to get crippled. There are thousands of victims around the world who suffer from serious injuries from accidents as simple as a slip and fall one. Slippery grounds can also cause mild concussions if you bump your head on the ground. Depending upon the position of your fall, one might also get a head injury. Small bruises around the knees and palms are the most insignificant repercussions of such accidents at work.

Fault Determination for Compensation

If you plan to make a claim for the injuries incurred due to the accident, then it is important that you first know the faulty party before you make the claim. If you had been careless enough tread over clearly labeled danger zone, then it will not be considered to be the fault of the employer. In that case, the claim made will be instantly dismissed because it is the employer or victim who holds entire responsibility of the accident. So, get your acts straightened before you make a claim. On the other hand, if you were walking down an icy ground or driving through an ice-covered driveway of your workplace, that caused you to slip over and have an accident, then your employer owes you an explanation. In that case, you can claim compensation from the opponent on the grounds of negligence and fallen safety precautions.

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