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Slip trip fall victim awarded compensation of £5,000

April 24, 2012 by  Filed under Featured, No Win No Fee Solicitor


Following a remarkable court judgment in a Personal Injury Compensation Claim, a pensioner was awarded with five thousand pounds personal injury claims. The pensioner named Irene Saville is the resident of Churchill Avenue, Ore, who got injured 5 years ago in a bizarre incident of falling down due to an uneven pavement outside her home. The 73-year-old senior citizen suffered serious injuries and filed a case in a county court. The pensioner won the compensation from East Sussex County Council but is now very angry, as the authority has now decided to go against the court’s decision. Saville is very angry over the authority’s decision of not paying the amount for which she has been fighting for past several years.

Saville complained, “There was a hole in the pavement outside my house which caused me to fall down and I suffered serious injuries. The court has awarded me the compensation but they are now planning to appeal against this verdict.”

The highways department of the county council has the responsibility of pavement and road maintenance. The hearing concluded in February 2012 and the department should have paid the amount of £5,000 to Saville by March 22, 2012. But instead of paying the sum, they are planning to challenge the court’s decision and this has infuriated the old lady who was expecting to receive the injury compensation from the authority.

Saville describes the severity of the fall and maintains that it could have more serious consequences, as she was carrying her three-month-old great-granddaughter in her push chair at the time of the fall. She fell down and her granddaughter’s pram got unbalanced. The pram got tilted in a manner that the little baby came out of her pram. The old lady made a desperate attempt to save her granddaughter from falling down and damaged her hands in her attempts. There were bruises on her neck and her fingers were badly damaged. She had to undergo physiotherapy for six months to recover from her injuries.

She went through the court proceedings for a long period and finally awarded with £5,000 Accident Claims because of the efforts by her Personal Injury Solicitors. But now the authority seems to be in little mood to pay the Compensation Claim for her suffering. A spokesman of the county council tried to avoid answering and just said, “It will be difficult to comment on cases which are under appeal.”

Now, will Saville fight for another 5 years to get her compensation? If the old lady makes up her mind to go for another court battle she should take benefit from the expertise of no win no fee solicitors.

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