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UK Hospitals Under Fire over Clinical Negligence

November 11, 2012 by  Filed under News


Being under the weather is one of the most unfortunate things that we mostly go through. However it isn’t avoidable as we are so prone to diseases. This leads us to heading to the doctors to seek medical advice. Medical practitioners are very well trained for many years to make sure that they handle our health problems well. Regrettably this isn’t the case in the UK hospitals as there are so many claims of medical negligence.

Medical negligence is when the medical experts fail to fulfill their duties as they should by missing the mark. We all expect doctors to be very careful with life as we trust them to know exactly how to handle us when we are most vulnerable.

This type of negligence can be of all forms. Dental negligence when a dentist isn’t competent enough, birth injuries, brain injuries.

Medical negligence is caused by a number of factors. These include, lack of proper administering of drugs, doctors not attending to patients early enough, lack of proper communication between doctors and patients. There is so much that goes unexpectedly wrong with doctors that it is very hair raising.

Nobody wants to be a victim of medical negligence as this is their life at stake. It can really cause a lot of devastation to patients and their families. Going to hospital in the first place isn’t a cup of tea for anyone and leaving the hospital more unwell than when you went there is adding salt to injury.

Doctors are responsible for every patient and if this doesn’t happen they are liable to answer to the court. This is why every victim should not be afraid to file a complaint so as to be compensated.

According to a story on U TV, medical negligence has cost Northern Ireland more than a quarter million pounds. This is well deserved as patients suffer too much.

With all these said, every victim has the right to press charges make sure that they are fully compensated. No win no free solicitors is the way to go. These solicitors are well conversant with such circumstances and are very transparent. They make sure that they fight for you tooth and nail to ensure 100% compensation.

It is important to have them seek justice for you so that you don’t have to suffer any more with regard to money. If they are handling the cases they will allow you to be able to rest and recuperate without worry about money.

These solicitors arrange with the claimants that they can only receive money if the cases are successful, which in many cases they are.

Do not feel shy to go forth with a complaint about a doctor you think didn’t perform his or her duty. He or she will not harass you as they are required by the law to be competent. The law has everything in place to protect you and to make sure that you are well.

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