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The Ways to Receive Fair Clinical Mishap Compensation

February 21, 2013 by  Filed under News


In order to make your claim successful, you need to prove the two most essential things. The first being the fault of the medical practitioner and the other is the medical negligence that contributed to the present injury and health disease. Thus, it is suggested to consult the solicitor as soon as possible, so that he may explain you the legal procedure thoroughly and you start working accordingly. Well, there are innumerable clinical mishap victims who don’t even make an effort to file the claim against the victim. This may be because they feel inferior to do so or they want to avoid the expenses of the legal procedure. For those, should know that they are legally eligible to receive payouts, if they have suffered an injury as the result of medical mishap. It is the medical fraternity’s duty to look after the health and safety of the patient and failing to do so is an offence. With terrible outcome, clinical negligence stands out to be one of the most dangerous negligence so far. It can make the victim completely disabled to work and the worst is death. Thus, if you or any of your acquaintance has suffered from such detrimental results, then it cannot be pardoned. Make sure the case is claimed within the tenure of three years, although changes can be made to the deadline catering to the severity of the injury. Scroll down to know what you require to prove the two most important elements as discussed above,

  • The medical report: This holds a lot of importance in winning a satisfactory value from the payouts. The injury acknowledgement report enables the solicitor to decide the deadline of the tenure and at the same time the amount as well. It is one of the essential elements require to calculate the amount for the nom-financial losses such as, the pains and sufferings of the victim. Even though, it is difficult to get determine an amount for the pains, yet the legal advisors make it happen with the help of the report and injury severity score that says, the severe is the injury, the more would be value of the claim.
  • Medical bills: Attach all the medical bills and the related bills as well, so that the solicitor can calculate the amount expended after the medical treatment. It also ensures the pains and sufferings the victim is enduring or has suffered. It would definitely help to recover all the financial losses endured by the victim and his family as the result of the negligence. The same can be very helpful to prove the guilt of the litigant.
  • Favor of the Eye Witnesses: if you could collect the personal details of the eyewitnesses, make sure you provide it to the solicitor, so that he can convince them to support the victim on behalf of the victim. This is a great evidence to prove the innocence of the victim in the case.

Once you have the support of the above-mentioned proofs, winning the amount wouldn’t be that difficult. Thus, make sure you consult another doctor as soon as you suffer from any act of clinical negligence.

Well, the path to claim might not be easy as there is a whole lot of nitty gritty to it. Thus, it is always better to consult the solicitor as soon as possible, who may help give you all the necessary details about the legal procedure. It is suggested to appoint a no win no pay solicitor, so that you may lessen the chances of any sort of financial loss. In order to avail their services you may have to browse through their website and fill the claim online form with detailed information about the case. Once you send the form, the solicitors will decide whether they would accept the case or not.

It is not only the responsibility of the solicitors to work for the case and keep things confidential. The plaintiff is equally responsible for the outcome of the case filed. Hence, mutual cooperation is always necessary. Allow you solicitors to take enough time for detailed study of the case and discuss everything that you have endured. In this context the below mentioned do’s and don’ts might be helpful for you.

The Dos’:

  • Do give elaborate details about the case to the solicitors.
  • Do keep the copy of all the documents and the reports.
  • Do inform them if you face any trouble in the legal procedure.
  • If you feel that you are being manipulated, quickly say it to the appointed solicitor.
  • Be up-front to speak all that you expect from the claim.
  • If you feel that you are being manipulated, quickly say it to the appointed solicitor.
  • Appoint a no win no pay medical negligence solicitor as he won’t charge a single penny until he wins the case.
  • It is equally necessary for the victims to stay up-to-dated about the case other than the solicitors.
  • Do discuss the fee structure as soon as you meet the solicitor in order to avoid any sort of misunderstanding.
  • Always try to keep the case confidential.

The Don’ts:

  • Don’t hide anything from the solicitor. Even, if you had any share in the medical negligence, inform it to him.
  • Even though, the solicitor offers 24 hours services, yet don’t bother them all the time.
  • Don’t discuss the case with anyone else other than your solicitor.
  • Don’t sign any legal document or attend any meeting with the guilty and his solicitor without the consent and the presence of the solicitor.
  • Don’t argue with your solicitor as it can make things upside down and create misunderstanding.
  • Don’t be in hurry. Give the solicitors enough time to do a thorough research about the accidents.
  • Cooperate with the solicitors and do whatever you are asked to.

Hope, the above-mentioned domains will help you to secure what you deserve from the claim.

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