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Importance of a Lawyer in Handling a Medical Injury Claim

November 27, 2012 by  Filed under News


"clinical error"A medical error refers to a mistake committed during prescription, and application of a medicine. The medical errors are usually categorized according to the phase of the medication use cycle in which the problem occurs. A medical error can cause serious harm to the patient. However, they are preventable if the doctors are cautious and careful while acting. A treatment-related problem is often treated as a medical negligence and the victim can seek legal support to file a clinical negligence claim.

The National Patient Safety Agency Report 2004 shows thousands of deaths due to medical errors in the United Kingdom. Every year, lots of people die due to such medical negligence. The report highlights that a majority of these incidents are the consequences of the speed and complex nature of the medication. In certain cases, the healthcare providers are also responsible for prescribing wrong medication. Lack of knowledge about the prescribed medicine and wrongly recommended dose of the medicine often lead to medication-related errors. If you have been the victim of such an error and think that your doctor is responsible for your sufferings, you can sue the concerned healthcare professional and file a claim for compensation in the court. Other factors that can contribute to such medical errors are:

  • Illegible handwriting.
  • Failure to take the entire medical history of the patient
  • Confusion with the name of the medicine
  • Inaccurate medication history taking.

A relatively new medical staff can also cause medication-related mistakes due to inexperience and lack of care. There are several tactics that can be used to avoid such medical errors. Electronic prescribing can prove effective in reducing the risks of prescription mistakes. The pharmacists often fail to read the illegible handwriting in the prescriptions and offer wrong drugs. Appointing a lawyer is very important for handling such cases of medical negligence efficiently. There are several personal injury solicitors who are expert in dealing with all types of clinical negligence cases. You can consider seeking assistance from a no win no fee negligence solicitor for a successful settlement of your case.

The solicitors who deliver their suggestions and services on a no win no fee basis usually get their fees after winning a case. In the instance of a case that is won, these solicitors get their fees from the party that lost the case. If they fail to settle a case on a successful note, they do not get their payment.

You should be cautious while choosing a solicitor as your service-provider. A law firm usually has both interns and veteran lawyers in their employee list. You should always go for an experienced solicitor who is specialized in the clinical error cases. The solicitor is the best person to approach if your want to know about the right filing procedure of a case. He is the person who can help you out by offering the right suggestions in your type of case. Thus, it is important to consult with a lawyer if you want to win a medical injury case, get justice and receive maximum amount of compensation.

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