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Conditional Agreements Ease the Process of Filing Claims

October 1, 2012 by  Filed under News


"no win no fee"There is no denying of the fact that legal services can be expensive, and the high expenses of the legal services can dissuade a work accident or any accident victim from enforcing his legal rights. There are different types of funding options that can be used to bear the expenses of legal services. Conditional Fee Agreements or CFA, whatever you call it, is one of the popular legal funding options in the United Kingdom. Many personal injury solicitors in the United Kingdom provide their legal advices and as well services on the basis of the conditional fee agreement. In UK, the Conditional Fee Agreement is also know has the no win no fee agreement. If you have sustained an accident due to somebody else’s mistake, you can seek the help of no win no fee solicitors to claim justice.

Conditional Fee Agreements came into existence when the right to get legal aid was eliminated from the personal injury claims. The UK government realized that the removal of legal aid can create a noise among the public and introduced the no win no fee system to help the accident victims file personal injury compensation claims without having to expend a large sum of money. Moreover, there are many people who do not have the affordability to bear the high expenses of the legal services. The government introduced the no win no fee system to help this people.

Let us talk about the Conditional Fee Agreement in some detail. Under the conditional Fee Agreement, the no win no fee solicitors are not entitled to ask for their legal fees in advance. They can only receive their fees after winning the case. They recover their fees from the guilty person’s insurance company. When the solicitors lose a case, they do not get their fees.

Now, the question is: why should you sign a Conditional Fee Agreement? There are many reasons behind it. The Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) is a long document and without it, a lawyer cannot receive their fees since there will be no legal entitlement supporting it. The benefit of a Conditional Fee Agreement is that you can file a claim efficiently, get the deserved amount of compensation without having to pay anything to the lawyer.

How do the no win no fee lawyers work? As you approach a no win no fee solicitor with your road traffic accident or workplace accident case, he will listen to you and judge if the case has the potential to demand compensation. If the case has enough documents, photographs and medical documents to support the case, the lawyer will take the case. The lawyer will present all the documents in the court. The judge will review the documents and will seek the help of the experts, if necessary. After assessing all the documents, if he finds that the case has genuine points to support the claim, he will grant you compensation.

A no win no fee solicitor has the knowledge and expertise to establish a case in the court and lace it in solid grounds. If you want justice and desire to receive a compensation following your accident, you can seek the assistance of an expert lawyer.

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