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Understand Conditional Fee Agreements First to Deal with No Win No Fee Solicitors

August 12, 2012 by  Filed under News


Conditional Fee Agreements are applicable for making a wide variety of claims. The no win no fee solicitors who start working only after signing these agreements with their clients advertise it in a placid manner. Most of the advertisements read like ‘you win, you pay’ or ‘unless you win, you need not to pay a single pound’. But is it that simple to the core? It’s certainly not that. Whenever you are entering an agreement, you are getting bounded by various clauses and T&C. Therefore, you should have a clear understanding of what is what so that whether or not you win the case, you know what you have to pay no win no fee solicitorseither to the lawyer or the other party.

Payables for successful claims

The solicitor or claims management agency will expect you the legal fees once you win the case, this is true. But what are the payables? You need to pay the basic fees of the solicitor (talk to solicitor beforehand about the basic fees. In any case, it should be clearly mentioned within the CFA only). Add to it the success fees that most of the solicitors firms ask for from their clients who win their cases. You need to pay the disbursements (including the medical report fees, court fees etc.) as well.

Payables for unsuccessful and discontinued claims

In case you lose the case, you need not to pay the solicitor a single pound. However, you may have to pay the costs of the other party who wins the case. Generally, the insurance companies bear these costs. However, in case you don’t have any insurance coverage, the solicitor firm or the claims management agency might help you get an After the Even insurance coverage. The insurance premium can be deferred until the case ends in a verdict. If you lose the case, you need not to pay anything. And if you win, the other party has to pay you.

What’s in a success fee?

This fee is charged by the solicitor agencies as because they take the risk of not getting paid in case their clients lose their claims or discontinue midway. Success fees vary from one company to another. No win no fee solicitors offer discounts on success fees if it is found that the fees are exceeding the compensation amount.

How to find the best solicitors?

Whether you have been injured in an accident at work or road accident, you can claim for compensation through this type of solicitors. No win no fee lawyers also come instrumental in filing and winning clinical negligence claims. The best place to find these solicitors is the world of web. Just a simple search on Google will fetch hundreds of relevant websites. However, you can find the best solicitors through the accident at work claim management company website or a road accident claims management agency. It is always wise to go through the testimonials received by the claims management agencies and opt for SRA certified and authorized solicitors only.

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