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No Win No Fee Solicitors to Consider Several Factors While Initiating a Conditional Fee Agreement

June 19, 2012 by  Filed under News


The right of claiming compensation for accidents that took place entirely as a consequence of the negligent party rescues the victims from facing dire consequences. An accident victim is invariably made to encounter a sea of troubles that comes from all quarters. The physical pain and the mental agony is coupled with a feeling of being ill- treated and denied justice in case the mishap involved no fault No Win No Fee Solicitorsof his own. All this can be successfully redressed obtaining the much sought-after guidance of the no win no fee solicitors. While the process of filing compensation claims for any kind of accidents have become easier and hassle- free with higher chances of success, claimants need to be more conscious about choosing the a proper legal service providing agency and thereby, the authorized lawyers who work abiding by the no win no fee system.

Conditional Fee Agreement was first introduced in the United States, and it later became widespread after 1998. The agreement is basically a contract, which the claimant and the solicitors are required to enter into while beginning with the process of filing the claims. It is by virtue of the conditions in the agreement that the claimants are not required to pay anything until and unless the case is won and then the legal expenses are automatically covered up by the party at fault. The emergence of the system was to ensure that justice become accessible to those who cannot otherwise afford to have an insurance coverage for themselves.

Having said that, although the no win no fee solicitors are meant to take up all the cases based on the contingent fee system, they often consider several factors before doing so. To begin with, the solicitors will consider whether they have experience in dealing with similar cases. It is equally important on part of the claimants to enlist the support of those lawyers who can deal with the cases with ease and expertise. As such, solicitors should be such, who not only guide their clients in the process of claiming the compensation but also provide adequate emotional support to individuals who have lost their hope of resuming a better life.

Another factor, which influences a lawyer’s decision to take up a conditional fee agreement case, is the expected amount of time the case is going to take to be resolved. Accident claims such as claims regarding accident at work that typically call for a longer period to be arranged in the desired manner and put up for trial will necessarily require more expenses. As such, if such cases turn out to be unsuccessful at the end of the day, it is the firms and the solicitors who will have to bear the burden.

The most important factor comes in the form of the chances of success of the claims. The no win no fee solicitors will consider this aspect well before entering into the Conditional Fee Agreement. The point here is that when the solicitors refuse to represent a certain case, it is not because they find it less serious but for the fact, that such cases might be difficult to be proved.

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