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Eight Common Types of Accidents at Work No-Win-No-Fee Solicitors Provide Service for

February 1, 2013 by  Filed under News


Workplace accidents are of varied types. From merest slips and trips to more serious accidents such as fork truck accidents, the workers in the UK get injured while at work in hundreds of ways. The accident at work compensation claims specialists try to find out the causal factors behind these accidents and claim compensation on behalf of their clients. English Tort Laws serve as a framework for claiming compensation and these solicitors try their level best to beget compensation for their clients. However, some of these occupational accidents and injuries are more frequent and common than the other types of workplace injuries and here below are the eight most common occupational accidents these personal injury lawyers deal with.

Construction accidents

Construction site accidents make it to the top news headlines time and again. The reasons behind these commonest accidents are easily guessable. Large machines are used and scattered electrical tools and wires is also a very common scene in any construction site. No wonder why these sites are considered as some of the most dangerous workplaces in the UK. Scaffold pole accidents are no news now. Besides, electric shock hazards and slips and trips also are a part and parcel of the UK industries. No win no fee solicitors provide specialists services for all of these accidents.

Crane accidents

These mechanical lifting instruments are used on an everyday basis in the UK workplaces and are used in large-scale operations primarily. However, crane operators should be formally trained so that they know how to control the machine and maneuver it. Unfortunately, workers do not always receive adequate training and that lead to affrighting accident at work cases. Faulty and damaged cranes are also a big reason behind these workplace accidents. These accidents are increasing at a middling rate and there are several factors that contribute to this steady increase. Solicitors help their clients get out of their bad times.

Faulty machinery related accidents

Machinery is widely used in the UK workplaces and power plants, warehouses and factories are some of the places where one can discover a wide range of machines and tools. The problem is that most of the factory, warehouse or plant owners and managers forget or neglect to maintain these machines properly thus prepare the bedrock for foreseeable risks and accidents. There are no win no fee solicitors who pinpoint these causal factors behind workplace accidents in an articulate manner and make sure that their clients get the recompense which they deserve by the law.

Forklift truck accidents

Forklift trucks are used mainly in construction and manufacturing industry. As these trucks are extensively used in manufacturing and construction industries and the operators are not always trained well, FLT accidents are very common in the UK. Road traffic accident lawyers who also deal with this type of workplace accident cases try to establish the fact that the accidents happened because of lack of training or poorly maintained and damaged trucks provided there are enough evidences of negligence.

Office accidents

The common perception about accident at work is, these accidents happen mainly in the construction sites and factories where the workers need to handle a good deal of workplace machinery and other instruments and heavy and sharp objects are often handled and carried by the workers. However, office accidents are equally common though these accidents are not so severe in nature in general. White collar workers are also endangered while at work due to several reasons. Slips and trips are most common types of office accidents that these solicitors deal with.

Needle accidents

Hypodermic needles are hard to find and if these needles are not placed and handled properly, these flyspeck objects can open doors to many dangerous possibilities.  Accident at work solicitors who deal with this type of cases have unequivocally expressed that these accidents can be easily avoided and all sorts of preventive measures should be adopted by the employers. Unfortunately, employers in the UK are not that minute about the health and safety of their employees. Needle accidents are most basic and most common types of accident at work that denude the real picture of the UK workplace health and safety.

Manual handling accidents

Manual handling accidents primarily happen because of lack of training and inappropriate job distribution. It has been observed in many occasions that the manual labors ate compelled to execute tasks that are beyond their capabilities and professional expertise. HSE (Health & Safety Executive) reports suggest that the employers force their workers to handle certain tasks manually to reduce the cost of using machinery. As a result, untrained and inadequately trained workers meet various types of fender-benders at work.

Oil rig accidents

Oil rigs are like special economic zones where are the workers are put to execute herculean tasks. Career Crust (a premier career website) rated oil rig jobs among ten worst jobs of 2012. Traditionally, these jobs are known for the high accident probability and you will not find many who are genuinely interested to work in this sector. Accident at work compensation claims specialists who provide a ray of hope for the distressed and incapacitated workers who sustain the severe wounds of oil rig accidents.

What to do after an accident at work?

Workers who get injured in work related accidents are advised to contact the HR department of their respective organizations and file complaints first. If adequate recompense is not provided, they should contact reputable personal injury solicitors who can help them in getting compensation.

Should you pay before the case begins?

Reputable work accident lawyers work on no-win-no-fee basis. These no win no fee solicitors do not charge anything before the case begins or during a work accident compensation claim case. Instead, they keep account of all the expenses and add their service fees along with a small amount of success fee with the total amount of money to be disbursed by their clients. If you do modest research on the internet, you will find host of no win no fee lawyers offering work accident claim related advice for free and specialist services. To know the basics of filing a claim of this sort, please visit Citizen’s Advice Bureau website.

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