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A baby has been left without a mum as she is jailed for faking a car crash

March 2, 2012 by  Filed under Featured, News


Mother Samina Bahir aged 28 has made a false claim after saying her car was involved in a three car pile up accident. She said she had suffered injuries in the fake accident and and wanted to claim. She said she had suffered whiplash injuries in the incident.

The mother admitted that the car crash was not real and that they had faked it so they could claim and receive some money. She owned up to the false claim that cost more than £5000 in damages a source told the High Court.

It wasn’t just Mrs Bahir that was involved in the road traffic accident, her husband Mr Faisal Rauf aged 27 had agreed with his wife and also said that they had a car crash. He was also jailed for these false claims.

The accident took place on Handsworth in Birmingham on January 6 2008, this was the first case that had been done like this. The insurance company had done a private prosecution towards Mr and Mrs Bahir for contempt of court this was after officials found out that the couple had faked the accident and they could of cost the company about £75,000 to payout.

The baby has been left without a mum or dad as they are both now locked up in jail for this crime they have committed. Some people have set up false claims and have claimed through a no win no fee solicitors. They are offering no win no fee claims.

The married couple were insured by the company Liverpool Victoria (LV), the company had put a private prosecution against them and was successful. The court was told how they had faked the car crash accident.

In the High Court the judges stated that the courts have a responsibility and duty to stop these false claims and fraud because these are the reason why the countries insurance premiums are rising and costing as fortune.

The couple from Birmingham were put behind bars for a sentence of six weeks. Sir John Thomas who was sat next to Mr Justice Silber as said that he hoped the clang of the prison gates would deter the rampant dishonesty,

He said that this type of behaviour hits the heart of our system of justice, this damages the honest people out there who have an insurance policy. The court must set an example that this type of behaviour is not acceptable and they must make it clear that any person that does or thinks about doing a false claim or accident will be prosecuted as this is serious and not acceptable behaviour and they must be disciplined.

The couple did not turn up to the court on the date that was set for them to go to court and claim for their  compensation claim from their insurers over the car accident.
They did not turn up to court on this date so the claim was dismissed. After this the insurance company wanted to investigate as to why and filed against Mrs Bahir and all of her witnesses.

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