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The government are to get a group of specialists to look in to no win no fee claims for car accidents, call in Dr Whiplash

February 19, 2012 by  Filed under Featured, News


The government have said they want to recruit a team of professional whiplash injury experts to check out all these insurance claims and no win no fee claims. The amount of whiplash claims in Britain today are rising.

The Mail have done a campaign on Sunday to show the scandals that are going on, David Cameron has got the medical experts to crackdown on all of these whiplash claims and personal injury claims.

A lot of companies are ringing around peoples personal phone numbers and are asking them if they have had any accidents. If so they are telling them to put a personal injury claim in.
A Mr Francis Fenton a pensioner has said how he and his family have been harassed by people calling them up and asking them to put in a personal injury claim in even if they weren’t involved in the accident. This is how bad Britain has got with companies and lawyers chasing after people to claim.

There government are hoping to tackle the false injury claims and in doing this it should reduce the cost for insurance premiums and legal costs. Making the solicitors cut their fees from £1,200 to roughly under £500. They are hoping that all whiplash claims in accidents at speed of 10mph and under not to go through as a claim.

The Prime Minister chaired a Cabinet summit last week and the proposals were said to be approved.

Britain has now become the whiplash capital of Europe, Transport Secretary Justine Greening has said through to investigations and seeing what is happening action must be taken to stop all these phoney claims.

In the UK there are over 1,500 whiplash injury no win no fee claims per day, because of this no win no fee solicitors culture people are encouraged to put in a false injury claim in even if the accident was a minor one and they weren’t effected from it.

Whiplash claims cost insurers £2 billion a year, this adds roughly £90 onto the average persons car insurance premiums a year.

From the Downing Street summit there was insurance and safety experts who also attended this, they wanted to get to the bottom of the phoney claims early by forcing for the cases to be investigated by a team of medical experts. There already being called the Dr Whiplash.

No one wants people to completely stop putting in a whiplash claim if they genuinely have whiplash injuries, its just that we must put a stop to the false claims being processed said a government source.

The only problem is that a whiplash injury is very hard to diagnose so its hard to tell if someone is pretending a whiplash injury.

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