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A woman murdered by her husband for life insurance he took out two days before he battered her to death he was jailed for 22 years

February 27, 2012 by  Filed under News, No Win No Fee Solicitor


A man named Mohammed Tariq Aziz battered his wife to death two days after taking life insurance out on her. His wife is Zarina Bibi she was 41 years old.
He was up in Aylesbury Crown Court were the jury found him guilty of murdering his wife, he was sentenced to a minimum of 22 years in jail.

Ms Zarina Bibi was murdered on 16 March 2011, she was found at her own home in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire. The 41 year old had suffered several injuries to her head from her husband Mr Aziz.

We are happy with the outcome today in court, the jury made the right decision in giving Mr Aziz a minimum of 22 years in jail for murdering his wife said a detective chief inspector Vince Grey of Thames Valley police.

Ms Bibi and mr Aziz had five children together, mr Bibi had started to have some financial difficulties, so he decided to take out life insurance on his wife. He done this two days before he murdered her. He has now left the five children with no mother and their dad to a life sentence in jail for murdering their mother. His actions have devastated the family.

Mrs Bibi had suffered some terrible injuries she had 10 separate fractures to her skull and also had her nose broken and both of her cheekbones.

A pathologist said that he thought she might not have died instantly he said she could of been laying there for about an hour after she was attacked then finally passed away.
After her passing away her husband then got rid of the murder weapon, his clothes that were stained with her blood and his mobile phone said the prosecutors.

Mr Mohammed Tariq Aziz had taken out life insurance policy on his wife for £110, 000 then two days later he beat his wifes on the skull said the court.

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No child or person should have to deal with such a terrible and cruel ordeal we pray for them and hope they can find peace and try and put their own lives back together.

A teenage girl went round to the family home were she found Mrs Zarina Bibi’s lifeless body by looking through the letterbox as she got no answer from the house.

Mr Aziz husband and father of five was said to be having difficulty with money, he was struggling to pay for his mortgage. This caused arguments between the married couple and they were often rowing in the last few months before she was murdered.

Criminals set up many fales insurance claims like car accidents,  personal injury claims and go through a no win no fee claims service, but something like this murder is extreme and evil.

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