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No Win No Fee Car Accident Solicitors Leicester Car crash two treated for injuries

February 15, 2012 by  Filed under News


On Thursday at about 5.30pm in Highway Road, Stoneygate, Leicester there was a car accident. It involved two cars and one of the cars had crashed right into a house and went through the porch. The house was damaged as a car was sent skidding across a garden and right into the porch.
The house that the car had went through was based on the corner of the street of Romway Road, there is six people that live in this family house. One person is Muhammed Patel aged 30 he is so shocked at what has happened. He has said that he always go into his porch were he has a smoke there, he keeps thinking what would have happened if he would have been there. Fortunately for him he weren’t.

The whole of the family are all said to be shocked about the incident. Mr Patel said we heard the crash and i came out and there was a car in my porch. I went over to the car that had crashed into are porch and i helped out one of the guys in the car, he seemed quite stunned as to what had happened and he was aching. Mr Patel said we have a car crash here on this road about once a week. Mr Kana Odedra aged 76 his neighbour has said that this junction is not safe. He said it is a very bad road for accidents. There are junctions like this all over the UK and they cause many car accidents, because of these accidents people are putting car accident claims in by going to no win no fee solicitors. There was only three people injured in this car accident, two people were both treated by the paramedics after the car crash and had luckily only had minor injuries. The other person was taken to Leicester Royal Infirmary hospital to be treated.

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