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Appraising the Serviceability of the No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors

January 19, 2013 by  Filed under News


Negligence of the doctors is not a new trend in the UK and worldwide. There are hundreds of them who fail to perform in compliance with the standard of care defined for the physicians practicing in the country and that results in patient suffering. There are medical negligence solicitors who work on ‘no-win-no-fee’ basis for the greater welfare of the greater mass. These solicitors are often confused with the other types of solicitors, especially with the compensation claim specialists serviceable in a different way. The clinical negligence compensation claim specialists are only serviceable in pertinent court cases and you should appraise their serviceability before appointing a solicitor.

Misdiagnosis compensation claim

There are several instances of wrong diagnosis in the UK and these cases are happening everyday though a small percentage of these cases are made known to the public and a smaller percentage of cases go to the court. No win no fee solicitors who work for the doctor’s negligence victims often get misdiagnosis compensation claim cases in hand. Misdiagnosis is inexcusable and condemnable. If you have been a victim of incorrect diagnosis by some licensed physician, you should take legal actions against him and a solicitor of this type can help in filing a claim case. What are the common instances of misdiagnosis? Some of the most common cases are cancer misdiagnosis, stroke misdiagnosis, pulmonary artery blockage misdiagnosis, diabetes misdiagnosis etc.

Late diagnosis compensation claim

Late diagnosis is another reprehensible form, of medical malpractice which is very common in the UK. NHS published stats clearly show that these cases are on a rise and several administrative actions have been initiated to curb these issues. Medical negligence lawyers are also doing their part by providing necessary legal advice and assistance to those who have been victims of this form of clinical malpractice. If your illness redoubled just because the medical practitioner whom you requested for diagnosis made unnecessary delay or did not act with fullest care, you can take necessary legal actions. The only way left to find reparation is to file a compensation claim case and the medical negligence solicitors are the most suitable legal professionals through whom this kind of legal action can be easily taken.

Surgical error compensation claim

Surgical errors are one of the deadliest forms of medical malpractice and should be answered back in the legal way. In any cases, it has been found that the surgeons perforated the patient’s body excessively leading to severe infection and other disorders. Wrong site operation is also a very widespread issue which demonstrates the utter negligence of the physician concerned. No win no fee solicitors try to find out whether the physician concerned breached his duty of care or not. Many surgeons leave foreign objects in patient body and these cases can be brought to the knowledge of the court.

Needless surgery compensation claim

Many physicians recommend surgery to their patients without properly analyzing the medical condition of their patients. In many cases, it has been medically found and proved that surgery was not a dire necessity and could well be avoided. Any surgery, small or big, instigates mental turbulence of the patients who undergo surgery and often their previous medical record is not assessed by the surgeons. Personal injury solicitors help their clients to take stringent and structured legal actions against these physicians at fault.

How do these compensation claim experts work?

As per modus operandi and work ethics are concerned, these personal injury compensation claim specialists are no different from the road traffic accident compensation claim solicitors or work accident recompense specialists. These solicitors can be together bracketed as ‘no-win-no-fee’ legal professionals. However, these legal specialists are particularly knowledgeable in the field of medical malpractice compensation claim and they are mostly serviceable in this area of compensation claim litigation in specific. You should, therefore, look for a medical malpractice legal expert in specific and should not opt for other types of compensation claim specialists.

What’s in ‘no win no fee’?

‘No win no fee’ is the work ethic and principle of these solicitors. These legal professionals avow in written that they will not ask for their fees until and unless the cases they handle are won by their clients. This particular aspect of their services is considered highly advantageous for the claimants. This is because the no win no fee solicitors provide their services initially for free and they offer specialist guidance during the period of the court proceedings. If the case is won, the claimants are required to pay the basic fees, success fee (a certain percentage of the basic fees of the solicitor) and the ‘disbursements’ (amounts paid by the solicitor during when the case is open e.g. telephone bill). If the case is lost, the losing party or the claimant needs to pay the disbursements of the solicitor. There are certain other terms and conditions that can be found in the ‘no-win-no-fee’ agreements. These agreements are formally known as CFA and the no win no fee solicitors require their clients to sign these agreements.

What is a CFA?

Conditional Fee Agreement is abbreviated as CFA. A CFA includes the detailed payment terms and conditions that should be thoroughly read by any claimant. It is imperative for you to seek clarification from your solicitor whenever you find it a problem to understand some clause of the CFA you sign with your solicitor. please note that personal injury compensation claim specialists of all types including accident at work compensation claim specialists act by the terms and conditions furnished in the conditional fee agreements hence you should read the agreement papers very carefully for avoiding further disputes.

Where can you find a solicitor?

Medical negligence solicitors have their own websites now. These days, finding any type of legal expert has become easier like never before. You can just look for these solicitors online and you are likely to come across a host of sites on the web. However, you should ensure that the legal expert you are seeking legal service from is duly authorized. In the UK, solicitors are licensed by the Law Society.

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