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Can You Claim Compensation for Supermarket Slips or Trips through No-win-no-fee Lawyers?

November 3, 2012 by  Filed under News


"slip or trip claim"Supermarkets are busy commercial zones visited by many people on a regular basis. Supermarkets are maintained by respective authorities and they are expected to provide enough safety and security to the consumers or the shoppers. Unfortunately, the authorities forget their duties of care sometimes and endanger the customers in various ways. Two of the most common cases of supermarket accidents are the slip and trip cases. Filing slip or trip claims is now a pretty easy and less risky procedure as the no win no fee lawyers are all in with their pro bono legal services. You cannot claim compensation for these accidents through these conditional fee agreement bound solicitors.

However, you need to do a few simple things after a slip or trip accident occurs. The first thing to do is to capture photos of the accident scene so that you can digitally restore and document the place where the accident occurred. If it is later seen that the accident happened due to a slippery floor or something, it would become easier for the judges to identify the persons behind and take proper legal actions against them. Personal injury solicitors consider the photographs as highly important evidences. The other thing that you have to do while staying within the premises of the supermarket is to report the incident to a competent authority. Keep a copy of the report.

For filing slip or trip claims, victims are required to undergo medical treatment as well. They need to follow closely the words of advices of their doctors and keep all the medical bills and receipts in one place as well. The personal injury compensation claim lawyers who provide slip and trip claims services advise their clients to keep all the medical bills and invoices in order. These documents are highly essential for quantification of the personal injuries received by you. Documents attesting loss of income and loss of amenities should also be attached with these medical bills and reports.

No win no fee solicitors who provide bespoke legal solutions for these types of accidents always recommend their clients top connect the contact details of the witnesses. There must be some people around you at the time of the accident unless you were mooching in some farthest and remotest corner of the shopping place. These people can be excellent attestants if you can successfully convince them. However, the closed-circuit television recordings are the bigger and more easily verifiable proofs of the accidents. So try obtaining it from the supermarket authority. If they refuse to give it to you, you may contact with your solicitor.

Slip or trip claims can now be filed through filling in online forms as well. There are solicitor firms who have introduced this easiest way to receive queries and claim requests from the accident victims. You can also take the same route to reach an injury claims specialist who would be able to give you free tips and advices. Related information and guidance can also be found on Citizens Advice Bureau website.

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