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What are the Questions that should be Asked to the No Win No Pay Solicitors?

November 28, 2012 by  Filed under News


"no win no fee lawyer"Well, suffering an injury is common to all. Just, walking down the road, a pedestrian might trip to receive major and minor injuries. However, sanctioning claims for all might not be suitable for the economy of a country. But then, if you have suffered an injury as the result of someone else’s negligence, then it is your legal right to claim compensation. Innumerable no win no fee lawyers work to provide 100% compensation to the accident victims in the UK.

Well, in a recent report from the HSE department, it is assumed that the numbers of claims are likely to increase in the near future, and why not? When a victim can receive payouts for all the damages, then it might be expected for the UK government to look after the heaped files at the court. However, with endless solicitors it might become difficult for the victims to select the correct ones for their case. Make sure that the solicitor answers the following questions well.

  • How long the solicitor has been offering conditional fee agreement? Though, in a law firm both interns and experienced solicitors work together but then, if it is a fast track case or a complex one it is suggested to appoint an experienced one. Moreover, the experienced solicitors will be well aware about the rules and regulations of the no win no fee agreement, so that they could do needful for your case.
  • Have they successfully handled other cases? It is very essential strategies of winning cases. Though, you can know these from their websites, but then asking them would enable you to know more about their past achievements. Be assured that you are in safe hands, or else the opponent party’s insurer might take an advantage of the situation once they come to know about the quality of your appointed lawyer. Also, inquire whether the solicitors specialize in injury claim process or anything else that concerns your case in particular.
  • Is your case claimable and if it is then what are the chances of winning the claim? As discuss earlier, not all cases are claimable and the best one to tell you about it is the legal advisor. They might know all about the nuts and bolts of the case that will help them to analyze whether the case has the chances of winning compensation. If you can prove the guilt of the faultier in the case, then working hard for receiving payouts would become a hassle-free procedure.
  • Is the collected proof valid for the case? Well, you must know that the court seek for evidences, only with logical arguments and mere documents will not help you to win the claim, especially when thousands of more cases are lined up at the court. Ask the lawyer about the validity of the proofs collected as yet. If they are not, then the solicitors might help you to gather few.

However, see that the no win no fee lawyers reply your questions patiently. Talk to them all about the damages endured in the accident, so that it becomes easier for them to analyze the case well.

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