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Severely Wounded Soldier to be Sent Back – Accident Claims

April 11, 2012 by  Filed under Featured, No Win No Fee Solicitor


A Selby soldier who was severely wounded while his armoured vehicle was destroyed when serving in Afghanistan has been asked to revisit the war zone in September, for a six-month period. Lance Corporal James Grundy of the Royal Engineers was on patrol with three associates of his troop 21 Regiment while an Improvised Explosive Device [IED] demolished the vehicle they were in.


This disastrous incident, in May 2010, resulted in the death of Sapper Daryn Roy, the driver and severely wounded Lance Cpl Grundy when they passed through their Base Camp Bastion in Helmond Province. In legal terms, this can be classified as an accident at work. It is said that over 337 million accidents happen at the work place, every year, which results in over 2.3 million deaths yearly. Those affected may apply for a work accident claim.


James Grundy, 27, experienced cracked cheekbones, a wrecked upper jaw and the deficit of two teeth and presently possesses metal plates fixed in his face. Although his treatment went smoothly, allowing a comeback to work at Ripon barracks in a lesser amount of three months time, Cpl Grundy stated the mental blemishes were harder to heal.


Cpl Grundy, ex-Cave Terrace inhabitant believes the incident had a severe effect on his behavior. He said “I started to get aggressive. The mental effect was really weird. But the Army mental health teams sorted me out. Daryn’s funeral and subsequent inquest also helped provide closure.”


The former Carlton Holy Family School pupil has admitted not being too keen on the return, but accepted it as “part of the job”. He said “We have started training this week and I will be based in the Operations room, which is as safe as being in the UK, so it will be different”.

He will be stationed with his brothers Peter, a captain in the Royal Engineers and Paul who formerly served in the Army before taking control on the family interment service.


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Source: Selby Times


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