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A Solid and Crystallite Understanding of How the No Win No Fee Solicitors Work

June 29, 2012 by  Filed under News


No win no fee solicitors hold a distinguished position in the legal fraternity of the UK. Despite of much controversies revolving around the modus operandi of these solicitors in recent times, these lawyers are much revered because they facilitate the financially distressed and constrained individuals to file compensation claims against the negligent ones. This is the sole reason why these solicitors are and will be in constant demand in the coming days and years. It is true that some people are misusing the honed popularity of the no win no fee attorneys. But that does not dilute the truth behind. Let’s have a sound understanding of how these no win no fee solicitorssolicitors work, when you can take their services etc.

How does a solicitor work?

No win no fee agreements are also known as Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA) in the UK. Across the North Atlantic Ocean, these agreements are known as Contingency Fee Agreements. These No win no fee solicitors do not ask for fees until they win the cases. Post winning a claim, a solicitor asks for a basic fee and a success fee from his or her client. The success fee is based n the basic fee only. Experienced solicitors rarely refuse to take up compensation claims cases. On the other hand, comparatively inexperienced attorneys check to see whether the cases they are taking up have enough merit or not and on the basis of that analysis, they do take up or refuse the cases.

Do they deal with all sorts of cases?

No win no fee solicitors deal with a wide range of compensation claim cases including accident at work, clinical negligence cases, RTA cases and endless. However, you cannot hire a solicitor for criminal injuries or injuries resulting from domestic violence. There are some other areas that these lawyers do not provide service for. You should check with a reputable solicitor firm to know whether you case can be managed by them or not. Generally speaking, all sorts of compensation claim cases are undertaken by these solicitors.

Obligations of the solicitor

When you and your appointed solicitor are entering an agreement, the solicitor is responsible for dealing with your case in a professional and efficient manner and keeping you informed about the progress of the case. He should also discuss with you in case a hefty expense is needed. If the additional costs mount up, he should clearly inform you about the increase. It is a widely spread misconception that the solicitor’s works cannot be closely monitored. But this is not true. You have each and every right to ask for bills and invoices and check whether the solicitor is playing his role properly.

Obligations of the claimant

No win no fee solicitors try to get the compensation amount on behalf of their clients on the basis of available data and evidences. Therefore, you should assist your solicitor with all the prerequisites. These requisites include statements of the eyewitnesses, photographs of the accident place and your injuries and damages and the police report.

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