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A Step-By-Step Approach to the Claim Making Process

July 24, 2012 by  Filed under News


Claiming compensation is the only possible way in which an unfortunate accident victim can expect to recover from the dire situation. An accident sufferer encounters a trauma, which lasts for a few days. It is only after overcoming this initial shock that he gets an estimate of the burden of immense losses that he would be required to bear. Thus, a compensation claim needs to be filed with the obvious help of the no win no fee solicitors in order to get hold no win no fee solicitorsof substantial financial help. Since, most people may not be aware of how the processing of the claim is undertaken or the ways, in which the solicitors offer their support, here is a brief review of the entire procedure.

Initial Consultancy - The victim of a car accident, workplace accident needs to consult a claim management company operating online. These companies act as legal solutions providing agencies and have a team of solicitors who are specialized in dealing with the different types of claims. The experts at these agencies first consider a claim and then decide upon whether the case the claimant has come up with is valid enough to be represented.

Intimidating the Defendant- Once the claim is considered as being valid, the no win no fee solicitors send a letter to the negligent third party, letting them know about the claimants’ intention of asking for compensation. Following this letter, the solicitors send the opponent an estimate of the injuries and losses, suffered by the victim, which is supposed to be covered up by the defendant. However, this takes time, as the lawyers attempt at a thorough scrutiny of the damages claimed before they communicate with the party at fault.

Negotiating on the Compensation Amount- The claim finds an easy success when the negligent third party admits their liability and agrees to compensate the victim. The no win no fee solicitors, once again, make an estimate of the amount to be claimed, which is primarily determined by the severity of the injuries along with the monetary cut- backs. The cost of repairing damages is taken into account in case of the car accident claims.

Instances of Dispute

The process of claiming compensation would come to a stop with the above- mentioned steps only if there is no further disputation or disagreement by the defendant. The third party may deny the charges brought against them or the amount of compensation claimed, in the event of which, the case is directly taken to the court. The final verdict is passed by the jury in such matters.

Win or Loss

With a claim being won, the victim can get up to 100% of the compensation, which will enable him to recoup, all his losses. His legal expense that is the fees of the no win no fee solicitors are then covered up by the negligent party. However, in the event of losing the claim, the victim is unable to get compensated though he is also not required to pay anything extra by virtue of the contingent fee system.

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