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Bike Injury Victims in the UK Seek Justice

October 31, 2012 by  Filed under News


"no win no fee"As the world is embracing ‘going green’, there are many ways that people are trying to conserve the environment to keep it safe. One of these ways is by cycling. This is very common in the UK. Cycling not only helps keep the ozone safe, it also is a way to exercise and keep fit, and also an easy way to manoeuvre through traffic in heavily populated areas. If it isn’t a long distance to work, cycling proves to be the best option.

However in the UK, this has posed a challenge as there have been numerous Cycling injury claims. As the larger population has been cycling for a while in this country, there have been a lot of accidents happening on the road. This proves unfortunate because these injuries leave the victims so devastated. They are also very life threatening as they can cause permanent life damage.

These bike injuries occur mainly because other motorists on the road are not careful to watch for cyclists, hence running them over. Some drivers are under the influence of alcohol hence their concentration is lacking. They could also be over speeding hence colliding with cyclists.

The motorists here are not always to blame. The pedestrians too, have a stake at this. They cross the road unexpectedly hence causing confusion to the cyclists.

According to a UK local newspaper, a man was run over in March as he was cycling a hundred meters from his home, by a 19 year old, who was driving. This has left him seriously injured. He was admitted to a UK hospital with a fractured skull and broken bones. He sustained serious brain damage that left him deaf in one ear and with double vision in one eye. The 45 year old man who runs a gate installation business now cannot work. With these cycling injury claims, the young man who had run him over pled guilty for carelessness was fined up to 300 pounds.

Another story also is about a 44 year old man who miraculously survived after being crushed by a bus by running over his chest. His lungs were damaged, his vocal cords were paralysed and he broke 17 of his ribs. He was just very lucky to have lived.

With all these claims, there is a way that all these claimants can get justice for their pain and agony. With the no win no free solicitors, one is guaranteed recovery. The no win no free solicitors have a deal with the claimant which states that they can only be paid when the claim is successful. This is a perfect way to get justice for the recklessness.

They make sure that one is rehabilitated and cared for; the bike is repaired or even replaced depending on the damages. This truly allows for those victims to have full compensation so that they can be able to go on with their lives without having to worry so much.

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