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No Win No Fee Personal injury solicitors Help Blameless Accident Victims to Win Compensation

August 29, 2012 by  Filed under News


No win no fee is a much discussed term across the legal fraternity and in the public as well. The emergence of the solicitors who work on a no win no pay basis resulted from the abolishment of the legal aid back in 1995. The legal aid was the sole provision for the unfortunate victims of the accidents to file claims against the wrongdoers. But the new class of solicitors came into the picture with a better solution for them. Though several counterfeit agencies have now no win no fee solicitorscomplicated the scenario and difference sections of the media and the parliament now heavily criticize these solicitors, it does not anyway diminish the usefulness of the services offered by these solicitors, especially for the hundreds of financially distressed individuals who compromise in the event of unfortunate accidents that wreck them physically, mentally and financially.

A look back at the emergence

Back in 1995, the legal aid got abolished and the idea of no win no pay crossed the Atlantic Ocean to become functional in the mainland UK as well. A new form of agreement came into existence which got a new name, Conditional Fee Agreement or CFA. Under the Conditional Fee Agreement, any personal injury solicitor is obliged not to ask for any payment until their client wins a court case. Though these solicitors are in the every section of the legal field, they are primarily sought for filing personal injury compensation claims.

What’s in a conditional fee agreement?

The Conditional Fee Agreement implies, as mentioned above, the claimant has to bear no upfront cost for filing a claim through a solicitor. There are personal injury solicitors working closely with the claims management companies who only work under a CFA. A CFA contains all the terms and conditions for filing a claim though the payment terms and conditions are highlighted for further reference of the eager claimants. If you opt for such an agreement, you can ensure that you pay nothing until and unless the case is won. This is extremely beneficial if you consider the risks involved in filing a lawsuit.

So where does the solicitor’s interest lie?

The no win no fee claims specialists work on a pro bono basis. Pro bon is originally a Latin term which means to do professional work at a reduced fee or without any payment. The central motivation of the reputable no win no pay claims specialists is the idea implied by the term implied by the term ‘pro bono publico’. The solicitor definitely gets his cut but not from the claimant in case the case is won.  He gets it from the insurer of the other party. In case you lose the case, he will only get the disbursements from you. Here comes the risk involved on the part of the solicitor. The success fees are claimed to honor the pro bono service of these personal injury solicitors who offer these services keeping in mind the chance of losing the case.

What are the hidden fees?

What many claims management agencies conceal from their clients is that they may need to pay the legal fees of the other party in case the case is not won. The reputable no win no fee solicitors make these points clarified even before taking up the cases. They show all the hidden payments (and probable ones) to their clients prior to taking up a case. You cannot expect this level of transparency from every solicitor firm or claims management agency. Therefore, you should choose the claims management firms wisely and after panoptic research only. You should learn that in the event of win or loss you need to pay the disbursements to the solicitor.

A brief outline of the possible disbursements

What are these disbursements bear toted by the solicitors at the primary stage and then need to be repaid by the claimants? Well, there are a couple of thingsno win no fee solicitors of which all the disbursements may or may not be applicable for your case. For example, many personal injury solicitors or rather the claims management firms with whom they work arrange for replacement vehicles for the claimants in case their vehicles are completely damaged. Keep in mind that you have to pay the costs of the replacement vehicle once the case is won. The telephone bills and the travel costs are included within the disbursements most commonly.

100% compensation

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a solicitor who can secure maximum compensation for you. There are no win no fee solicitors who always aim for 100% compensation on behalf of their clients. This is necessary if you want to cover up all the incurred costs as a consequence of the accident. Unfortunately, there are very few solicitors who can really secure 100% compensation for their clients. This is why many claimants become bankrupt even after winning the compensation payout, a point raised by many of the critics of these no win no fee claims, quite naturally.

Where to find a solicitor?

The best way to find the adeptest personal injury solicitors is the websites of the claims management agencies. A claims management agency acts as a conglomerate of these solicitors and can find the best solicitor for you, or rather an expert for you. Why do you need an expert? Well, it needs to be mentioned that personal injury lawyers is an umbrella term which consists of all sorts of injury claims specialists including RTA claim specialist, work accident compensation claim specialists and many other types of solicitors. You need to hire a solicitor who specializes in that branch of Tort Law which pertains to your case. Now you get the point.

A reliable claims management agency

Recent emergence of hordes of counterfeit agencies have made the job of finding trustworthy no win no fee claims management agencies synonymous to finding nano-needles  in the haystack. However, one easy and sure-fire way to find a reliable agency of this type is to check whether the agency is authorized by the Ministry of Justice.

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