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Injured fruit packers fear for jobs despite approaching personal injury solicitors

April 15, 2012 by  Filed under Featured, News


Earlier in the year, on March 24th, in the wee hours of the morning, a lorry plowed into a stationary coach on M5 near Halesowen. The coach had on board several fruit packers who were being taken to their workplace in Evesham. 35-year-old Liaquat Ali from Smethwick who was on the ill-fated bus was killed on the spot. The 65-year-old lorry driver identified as William Mapstone too succumbed to injuries on the spot. The driver of the coach, it is believed was the cause of this horrific accident that led to a loss of two lives. The 49-year-old was arrested on suspicion of causing death and has now been bailed out following pending investigations.

The police have requested any eye-witnesses to come forward with their version of the accident to help them with their case. People have been requested to contact West Midlands Police Collision Investigation Unit on 101 with any information that they may have. Most of the 35 injured survivors have already approached personal injury lawyers Claim Today Solicitors to represent their case for car accident claims. This is the right thing to do  as no win no fee solicitors will be able to help such legally challenged individuals to come forth and claim what is rightfully theirs. The case is particularly sensitive since a number of them are afraid for the security of their jobs, if they come forth against their employers. With such difficult circumstances having lawyers who can handle such situations can really help. Road traffic accidents are very common in the UK and if you are ever hurt in any way its worth getting medical help.

Rob Bhol CTS Managing Director is reported to have said that it was a concerning picture that was coming forth from this really tragic accident. He said that they were very keen on speaking to as many eye-witnesses as possible so as to get the exact idea of what really happened that night. Only then would the legal panel be able to build up a strong case for their clients. He added that he could sympathize with the fact that numerous workers were worried for their jobs and that his company had given them the assurance that anything they said would be handled with respect to privacy. He also mentioned that there were enough of laws in place to ensure that there was no loss of job involved for the sake of rights.

In this case, both the families of the deceased victims will be able to file for car accident compensation claims. Should these men have been the sole bread-earners of the family, then this compensation would help the family go on. Of course, the amount of money will be dependent on the outcome of an investigation. Similarly the mode of payment is also decided by the court. In some cases a lump sum is given and is others a lump sum plus a yearly amount is fixed. This allows the families to better utilize the funding they receive.

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More of this storey can be found here Halesown news.

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