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July 27, 2012 by  Filed under News


By far clinical negligence claim has been the most complex case to deal. It covers whole lot of domain depending upon which the victim can claim for compensation. If you are a victim of clinical negligence and searching for expert solicitors, then no win no fee solicitors can help you to acquire the right deal of compensation for your claim. The no win no fee attorneys will not charge the clients until they win the case, hence, it is evident from the fact that they will put their 100% effort to win the case. These lawyers aim at studying no win no fee solicitorstheir clients’ case thoroughly so that the claim may be built on a strong base that might help to win the case as well.

Over the past three years, more than £70 million has been paid by the health boards for medical negligence cases such as, new born disabled babies and stillborns. The NHS Health Scotland has closed near about 74 clinical negligence cases, out of which the hospitals had to give away £70.5 million as damage cost and £ 3 million as lawsuit cost, whereas, more 96 cases were opened at the end of June 2012 that might have been solved by June 2012. The claims mostly dealt with the cases that are related to post pregnancy such as, mental or physical defects of the new born babies and any fatal health hazards of the mothers. It also dealt with stillbirths cases as well. The no win no fee attorneys can help you to deal with the cases as such and ensure you with compensation claims.

The no win no fee solicitors not only deal with clinical negligence but at the same time they provide their professional help and suggestions in the below mentioned related cases as well,

  • Accident While at Work: Accident at work may happen due to the negligence of both the business owner and the worker as well. But if the entrepreneur’s negligence or any other colleagues carelessness are to be blamed for the victim’s accident, then the no win no fee lawyers will help the plaintiff to get the right claim for him.
  • Accident at Road: Accident at road is a common phenomenon that can be seen now and then. The no win no fee solicitors will collect the information about the third party driver who is to be accused for the accident and will present the informative file to the court. They will also convince the eye witnesses to become one of the proofs of the road traffic accident that will increase the possibility of winning the case.
  • Slip and Trip Injuries: These types of cases are very complex other than whiplash injuries, as it becomes very difficult to track the guilty person. But the no win no fee attorneys are experts to solve all kind of complex cases. Hence, you can take help and suggestions of the no win no fee lawyers to win the right deal of compensation claim for yourself or your family.

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