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Mr. Sheerman Launches a Verbal Combat against the No Win No Fee Advisers

July 4, 2012 by  Filed under News


During the last few years, no win no fee solicitors have created a wave of applause in the legal domain, with their immense success. Plaintiffs have earned huge compensatory rewards by the virtue of these lawyers, in the past. However, they are once again back in news, but this time for a reason of alleged infamy.

The MP of Hudderfield, Mr. Barry Sheerman commented that one of the no win no fee solicitorsHudderfield’s businesses has suffered huge debts of around £40,000 leading to bankruptcy. This case being handled by the no win no fee advisors who pulled up their costs by detaining the technique claiming a bill of about£100,000, they became stalled at the receiving end of all rage and fury. The company spokesperson said that it was a mean scheme crafter by the professional which they considered to be a wrong practise. So the MP has announced a verbal combat against the no win no fee solicitors. He called up a meeting with the high ranked officials of the Law Department to impose ball and chains upon the practise of these increasingly threatening law keepers to avoid unethical and immoral practices.

No win no fee advisers who represent serious and complex cases like, car accident claims, motorcycle accident claims, work accidents claims, whiplash claims, industrial disease claims, free vehicle repair claims, etc., have always been the subject of talk in the legal arena. But today, they are standing on the verge of abolition, because of such unscrupulous allegations. Prior to this, Mr. Sheerman projected another story regarding the consultants, where one of the other Hudderfield’s businesses suffered loss as the no win no fee lawyers charged high legal remuneration from them.

During the meeting with the law administrative, the MP also spoke about one of the latest stories that occurred. One of the employees had an accident at work which claimed a bill of around £6,000, which was later pulled off. He has been advised by the no win no fee lawyers that his own legal bill could have been £28,000 which would have been later settled at around £78,000. Hence the injured man claimed the advised figure of compensation to the firm he was working with. While these cases are projected as the reason behind the whole dilemma, contrarily, it is the low safety standards that cause the companies to lose lot money unduly.

Keeping in mind the popularity of no win no fee advisers, and their concerning advises, the MP has taken decision on his part to incur restrictions on the workings of these professionals. It is necessary to exercise limitations as a bulk of detected unscrupulous claims has also flown in under the genuine cover. Even though this has happened, the fame which no win no fee lawyers have earned over the years had remained unspoilt. But at the same time manipulating the plaintiffs for high compensation allowance at the expense of the business firms is also not acceptable.

So Mr. Sheerman has asked to change a few rules and regulations pertaining to no win no fee solicitors which will be effective from somewhere around the year 2013 or 2015.

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