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NHS told they must remove No Win No Fee claims adverts

February 5, 2012 by  Filed under News


The NHS trusts has been told they must remove all no win no fee claims adverts

It has emerged that all hospitals are being told to remove any advertisements for no win no fee personal injury claims in any of the NHS leaflets there for the patients.Patients should be concentrating on there health and getting themselves better not looking at all leaflets which display adverts of no win no fee personal injury claims. Many hospitals are being paid up to £85,000 a year to do advertising for no win no fee solicitors. Some hospitals even receive uniforms and equipment as a donation for the adverts instead of the money. Today all no win no fee solicitors or personal injury claims adverts or promotions have been banned from hospitals by the Department of Health. Still hospitals are going ahead and advertising it as it is boosting there revenue. The head of the health department Mr Simon Burns is said to be writing to the chief executive Sir David Nicholson to say they must start following the rules and that he must tell all the hospitals it is unacceptable to promote these adverts.From year 2007 hospitals have been banned from advertising for lawyers, although a lot of hospitals still do for the money for there trusts. These adverts are being classed alongside adverts for alcohol and tobacco. Hospitals advertising for the no win no fee solicitors will not be sued by the lawyers when they advertise there work the lawyers promise this under the agreements with the NHS trusts.The Tory MP for Leicestershire Mr Andrew Bridgen was attacking the deals that go on that he believes have fuelled the growth of the UK’s compensation culture. The majority who supply these leaflets are BOE and Pro-Vision. The company BOE has saved the NHS trusts millions and has also given hospitals digital whiteboards, new medical uniforms and competency assessment manuals. BOE has saved the NHS £9.2 million including £1.3 million in cash in the past 10 years. It operates 170 hospitals in Britain.The adverts on the leaflets for example saying ” Slip trip claims,No win no fee Personal injury claims, Medical negligence claims” and advertise in bold no win no fee solicitors. BOE says they provide these leaflets to hospitals from all over the UK for example Peterborough, London, Southampton, Whitby and Brighton. The managing director from BOE Mr Wayne Dore says there company have saved the NHS millions and also put millions back into the NHS. The hospitals have to give written information as part of the patients charter. Doing this ever-changing clinical information could cost them up to thousands per month for a department. So BOE are saving the NHS a lot of money.

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