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Qualifying to Get Assisted by the No Win No Fee Solicitors

July 14, 2012 by  Filed under News


With the rise in the popularity of compensation claims, the term no win no fee has become widespread, gaining increasing attention. It is perhaps needless to mention that the system of no win no fee is what has brought about the interest of the people towards their right of claiming compensation. Earlier, most people preferred to stay back from the process of claiming compensation, as there had been precisely no authorized body or lawyers who would represent a no win no fee solicitorsclient’s claim just in order to make him obtain justice. Therefore, going ahead filing a claim would mean that the claimant gets entangled in an elaborate, legal process, which has little chances of giving him his dues. It is the rise of the no win no fee solicitors that has not only made the process of claiming compensation easier and hassle- free than it had been ever before but also led to millions of accident victims secure justice.

Easy Accessibility to the No Win No Fee Solicitors

Today, one can locate numerous legal service- providing agencies on the internet, all promising to offer immaculate legal solutions. The team of solicitors registered with them have the required knowledge and expertise in dealing with the different types of claims. Individuals, who have been victimized by accidents that entirely involved the negligence of the third party, are required to consult the legal firms. The no win no fee solicitors analyze the case thoroughly and then decide on whether to take up the claim. Since the lawyers abide by the Conditional Fee Agreement, which lays down the point that the solicitors are not supposed to charge anything in case of losing the claim, the lawyers represent only those that have the highest chances of success.

Enlisting Their Support and Guidance

Thus, prospective claimants have the responsibility of making their claims strong enough to qualify for enlisting the support of the solicitors. To put it simply, the claims must have a valid ground that would serve to indicate sufficiently to their credibility. An undeniable cause coupled with evidence and witness compels the lawyers to consider the case seriously. It is therefore that being honest and accurate is considered to be the predominant thing that helps in convincing the solicitors to the maximum possible extent. In the event of a particular case having little instances of the mistakes on part of the claimant, the claim is cancelled as being an invalid and unjustified one. For instance, suppose that you are filing for the car accident claims, and you are found to have been without the seat- belt when the accident took place, you are unlikely to get the assistance of the solicitors.

Getting the Idea Clear

The no win no fee solicitors do work without charging any fees from the claimants, this does not mean that they are supposed to offer no cost services. Actually, when the claims are won and the claimants get hold of the due amount of compensation, the legal expenses of the winning party that is the fees of the solicitors are automatically covered up by the opponent.

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