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Provisions for using pro bono legal services

October 5, 2012 by  Filed under News


An accident can rock the lives of victims terribly as they not only suffer from detrimental pains and sufferings but at the same time they are left wrecked financially as well. When the plaintiffs are already going through a phase of crisis, then it might not be affordable for them to expend money on taking the services of solicitor. Even though, there is a solution to it as you might "no win no fee"approach those who offer no win no fee services to their clients. With such a service the no win no fee solicitors are entitled to serve the clients at free of cost. By chance they loss the case then, they can not charge a single penny from the plaintiffs. Hence, they stake their service at risk thereby, giving their 100% effort after each case to ensure compensation to the road or work accident victims. Scan through the following to know when you can contact these federal advisors in the UK.

Time constraints

If you have survived an accident injury within the three years of tenure in the UK, then you are capable to contact them. Remember, to show the acknowledgement report of the injury is must to determine the deadline of the tenure. Those who are suffering from mental disturbances as the result of accident, the deadline for them would be considered from the day they receive the wellness report from the medical professionals. If you are thinking of applying claim on behalf of the dead, then you are expected to show the post mortem report along with the death certificate so as to determine the deadline from thereon.

Rules and Regulation to ask No Win No Fee Claim:

Remember, the injury has to be the result of third party’s negligence irrelevant of the fact it is a work accidents or car accident. However, the plaintiff needs to prove the guilt of the faultier and that can be done only through collecting effective proofs against him as it never be expected that the litigant would come on his own to accept his fault. Collect the injury report and lodge police report to ensure authenticity to the case. Now, it is all set to seek no win no fee claim from the solicitors.

Type of Accident:

It is one of the most primary factors that should be considered before seeking free services from the no win no fee lawyers. They do not provide their experienced guidance for all types of accidents. Hence, read on the following to know the types of accidents that are claimable.

  • Whilst using the motor way, suddenly the driver might get hit by another vehicle causing severe damage to the driver and the passenger as well. The reason behind the accident be anything, irrelevant of the fact that whether it was committed by a drunken driver or a poor sighted driver it is more important to find it is claimable or not.
  • Whilst working in the work place accidents might happen. But the thing to consider is whether it is due to the ignorance of the victim or the business owner. If the accident took place as the result of the business owner’s ignorance then it is claimable. Whether the accident endured due to the failure of machine or spillage of liquid on the work floors remember all are claimable if proved.
  • Whilst crossing the road the pedestrian might get slashed under a car due to the driver’s ignorance towards the traffic rules, resulting in death or the pedestrian might endure fatal injury when hit by a vehicle.
  • Whilst under treatment a patient might become a victim of clinical malpractice. Such ignorance on the part of the medical professionals can not be tolerated at all so by providing services to such victims the no win no fee lawyers empathize with them.
  • Whilst under going any cosmetic surgery a sudden mistake might lead to severe consequences. The skin of the victim might get infected and diseased.
  • Slip and trip accidents are very common as it can happen in any place whether it is work place or on the floor leading to neck and back strains.
  • Too many potholes and obstructions on the road may lead to severe automobile accidents and crash.

The no win no fee solicitors make sure that they aid all the plaintiffs who have"no win no fee" suffered the above mentioned type of accidents.

Nature of Injuries:

The no win no fee advisors aim at securing payouts for all types of injuries endured by the accident victim. Whether it is major injury or minor, the plaintiffs can avail legal services for all. They secure compensation for major injuries such as amputation, severe head injuries or minor injuries such as, small wounds and cuts, even though they get lesser fee in slow track case when compared with fast track cases.

The acknowledgement of the injury can only be acquired with the medical report where clear statement would be made about the injury. Thus, it is suggested to contact the medical professionals as soon as you come across an accident.

The no win no fee solicitors when determining the amount of the claim also include the potential medical expense incurred on the victim. With maximal injuries a possibility of future medical treatment can be expected. Right starting from the transportation cost whilst visiting the doctor or the hospital to the fees of the doctor all are calculated whilst deciding the compensation.

In a nutshell, it is evident of the fact that the plaintiffs cam be extremely benefited by the no win no fee solicitors. With their over the years experience they could manage to win hearts in the UK. Though they have been criticized by the UK government yet their plaintiff-friendly offers and services could make them earn fame and name amongst the endless solicitors in the UK. Thus, if you have endured any accidental injury then you can contact these federal advisors. They can be contacted in many law firms or pay a personal visit to them and discuss the case vividly.

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