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A Brief Discussion on No Win No Pay Road Accident Claim

December 29, 2012 by  Filed under News


With the growing standard of living, the numbers of vehicles seem to have risen over the years, thereby increasing the rate of collision on the road. The modern automobile design, speed of operation, road environment and driver skill is a number of facts that contribute to the risk of road traffic accident. You may know how detrimental the effects of accidents are.  Resulting in death, injury and vehicle scratches the victim is left in complete crisis. You might have heard about claiming, where the victim receive payouts in order to recover all the damages endured as the result of the accident.

Well, then you can only file the case if you have been involved in a motorway accident for which you were not responsible. Following are few accidents that falls under the category of traffic accident.

  • Car accident
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Bus accident
  • Cycle accident
  • Pedestrian accident

You may be entitled to compensation if your recent accident was caused by third party’s negligence. Injuries resulted because of someone else’s callousness cannot be tolerated for sure. It is suggested to file the claim against the litigant as soon as you come across an accident. The amount of compensation entrusted upon might make him realize the losses his negligence has made to the victim. Scan through the following to know the basic things you might need to file the claim.

  • Snaps of the accident spot and the then injury endured by the victim
  • See the doctor as soon as possible so that you may get hold of the medical report. The injury acknowledgement report will help to decide the deadline of the tenure, the amount of the compensation and the severity of the injury.
  • Take down the vehicle registration number, which might help enquire about the litigant.
  • Being unable to trace the guilty, the victim might report the street accident to the nearby police station.  The police might help to find enough information about the accused.
  • Take down the contact details of the eyewitnesses, so that later during the court hearing they can stand in the favor of the victim.
  • Collect the estimate of the repairing cost of the car or the motorbike so that you may avail the facility of free vehicle replacement.

Do not make any delay to appoint a solicitor. With an easy to do Google search you might find innumerable list of the lawyers working to provide justice to the accident victims. Click on the website and check the services and facilities they are offering. It is advised to appoint the one who offers no win no fee services to their clients. With such a lucrative service, you can lessen the risk of financial loss. On signing a no win no pay agreement with the solicitors the victims will not have to pay any fees until the case is won. Hence, if the lawyers fail to win the claim, then you will not be at loss, as you are not paying any legal fees. In order to receive legal payments from the clients, the lawyers put in their 100% effort. Down the line, they have been successfully providing compensatory awards to the endless plaintiffs in the UK.

FAQs about Claim

Well, those who are new to claim might have a whole lot of questions to ask, especially when they are suffering from minor injuries such as, whiplashes. The way road accidents are common occurring, likewise whiplashes are also the most common injury a victim come across. Yet, at times, it becomes very difficult to win a case with minor injury as such. This is may be because the UK government has witnessed registration of fake cases in case of minor injuries.  Hence, together with its legal bodies the government has imposed a whole lot of check in confirming payouts to the victims.

How can you receive compensation even after strict checks

  • Prove that you have been involved in non-fault road traffic accident.
  • Consult a physician as soon as you realize the symptoms of whiplash. Follow the prescribed instructions so that the case may not turn into a contributory negligence case.
  • Appointing an experienced and specialized whiplash solicitor can help the plaintiff to win fair value, as they will be an expert to handle the complex cases.

How much can you receive from a claim

Catering on the damages the victim has to bear, he is expected to receive compensation accordingly. Whether it is financial or non-financial losses, the victim is entitled to receive payouts depending on the severity.

What does a claim provide other than financial losses

Well, a claim provides a whole lot of facilities to the plaintiffs other than financial losses. Out of which non-financial payouts are the most lucrative ones. The non-financial damages refer to the pains and sufferings of the victim. On considering the medical report, the lawyer counts the value of the compensation.

Why it is important to appoint a solicitor

Even though, the victim collects all the evidences against the victim, yet you might require a legal  adviser to represent the case. Moreover, they are professional expert in handling all sorts of major and minor case and can guide the victim throughout the procedure regarding the details of claim.

These solicitors work in the varied law firms in the UK, where you might find both experienced and intern solicitors. Even though, the interns have their own ways to win the case, it is better to go for the experienced ones, especially when you claiming for a minor case. Well, to avail the services of the federal advisors you first have to wait for their approval. Fill in the online form with elaborate details of the motorway accident and select your preferred time as well. Send the form and wait for the lawyers to call you. Discuss the case with him and arrange for a meeting where you talk in details about the road traffic accident and the fee structure as well.

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