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A Pamphlet on Accident at Work in the UK

November 26, 2012 by  Filed under News


Accidents do not occur without hint. Had it occurred with prior intimation, the victims would get the chance to prevent the mishaps. Work accidents are frequent incidents affecting the workers in the UK workplaces. If you go through the Health and Safety Executive yearly report, you will be alarmed to see the huge number of accidents taking place on a regular basis. The government of the nation has already introduced a number of laws to prevent "occupational accident"the unfortunate occurrences. It is still trying to frame some new laws to make the employers aware of their duty to ensure a safe and secure workstation. In case of an accident at work, you can approach a no win no fee accident at work solicitor to handle your case professionally and successfully.

Most of the work accident cases are complex in nature. A lot of evidences need to be presented in the court to prove the negligence of the employer. As with all types of accident-related cases, the victim needs to show that his wounds and injuries have been caused by the carelessness of the employer. The law of the United Kingdom prompts the employers to take necessary measures to ensure safety at workplaces. A business owner who fails to conform to the laws introduced by the government and do not maintain health and safety standards specified by the nation can be sued if an accident at work takes place. If you have sustained a work accident case recently, you can get the help of a no win no fee accident at work solicitor who will help you in compiling all the evidences substantiating your case and in representing your case in the court. If you avail the assistance of a no win no fee law professional, you will not have to pay him anything till he wins your case. If you win the case, your solicitor will get his payment from the losing party.

Each work accident compensation case is different. When some cases are settlement within a couple of months, the others consume a number of years for settlement. There are several cases that are settlement out of the court. Thus, in order to handle these complex cases efficiently, you need to avail the services of a no win no fee solicitor. The lawyers offering their suggestions and service son a no win no pay basis usually assess the winning possibility of a case before taking it. When a solicitor agrees to handle your case, know that your case has fair chances of winning compensation. Try to avail the support of a solicitor who has the ability and experience to deal with all sorts of accident at work cases ranging from burns, cuts, bruises to life-changing injuries like damaged tissues leading to amputations. You should talk to your solicitor in person and arrange for a face-to-face meeting with him. In the meeting, you will get an idea of how he will deal with your case. You will come to know if your chosen law professional is friendly and cooperative. It is always important to avail the services of a friendly solicitor because you will be free to tell him your entire story and can get his suggestions and help whenever he needs. He would help ypu happily with a smiling face.

Coming to the employer’s duty in work accident prevention, it needs to be pointed out that a business owner needs to appoint a supervisor who would organize a risk assessment program to check if the workplace is safe for the workers. An employer is bound by moral as well as legal duty to make sure that the workers are safe while at work. Suppose a worker needs to work with chemicals and other dangerous products. In this instance, the employer needs to provide the worker with protective apparels that can save his skin from the fumes emanated from the chemicals. Again, suppose a worker is involved in the job of meat slicing. In this case, the employer should provide the concerned worker with necessary training to use the specialized meat cutting machine so that he can do the job safely without harming his hand and fingers. The United Kingdom has witnessed several accidents at work in which the lack of training has led to amputation. The employees should also be careful while handling specialized machines. If a worker finds that the workplace is not safe for working, he should immediately inform it to his employer. If his employer"work accident" is good enough to listen to his complaint and take necessary steps, it is fine. If the employer is not willing to listen to his allegations, he can report it to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

It is a part of an employer’s duty to look after the welfare of the workers. He should make endeavors to ensure that his employees are all safe during the working time. Remember, ill or injured workers can lead to a reduction in production. When a business owner transgresses the laws, he can discover himself as being prosecuted. If his negligence is established in court, he might end up paying a huge sum of compensation.

Thus, the business owners need to ensure good and health working practices. Proper work practices pay for themselves because it leads to disruption-free production and minimizes the insurance costs. The workers also remain satisfied, while the clients are contented with the prompt service. The workers must report the accidents at work, no matter how minor or serious they are. Even in case of a minor accident, if the incident put the worker off from work for seven consecutive days, the victimized worker should report the incident to the HSE and the employer.

The victimized worker should also seek legal support from a professional work claim solicitor to augment his chances of compensation. He should avail the help of a law professional who has years of experience in the work accident domain of law. He should also make his choice of lawyer on the basis of the lawyer’s success rates in work accident cases.

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