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How Whiplash racket is turning the nation and costing £2bn

February 7, 2012 by  Filed under News


The House of Commons Select Committee ordered that the Government start taking some action about the rise of car accident claims. You would think there would be more honesty with Britain’s solicitors but many of them are continually frauding false whiplash claims this type of behaviour only adds to the problem.

The amount of whiplash claims going through in Britain and people who are making insurance claims for the condition, then you wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without seeing a majority of people in neck braces.

All these false claims are costing honest motorists £1.9 billion a year, this works out to £66 on every motor insurance policy. Over a period of 12 months there has been 432,000 claims made from people.

It is believed that there is only a tiny 5 per cent of whiplash claims in France whereas in Britain there is a huge 70 per cent whiplash claims with no win no fee solicitors. If there was as many whiplash car accident claims as the Insurance companies say then surely there must be something not right with the people in Britain’s necks.

The majority of these whiplash claims are mostly due to doctors being dishonest and the faulty lawyers fuelling people to put and do these motor accident claims. There was once a time when we thought all lawyers stuck to the law and followed all the rules when really some are behaving like crooks.

These days are totally different from years ago nowadays solicitors are just out for themselves and thinking about talking people into making claims. When really a person who has had a minor accident and more or less forgotten about it but then have solicitors telling them to put a personal liability insurance claim in.

You only have to speak to a member of your family or friends and surely someone they know has been in a minor accident and within a few hours are being called and called telling them they have a no win no fee whiplash claim, if its not calls from lawyers then its calls from companies representing the lawyers pushing them into making a claim.

Some Solicitors in Blackburn are believed to have had banners up outside their offices telling people to Go to them with your Claim and they will give you £650 cash for it.

Solicitors who do personal injury cases can afford to do this because either way they get a fee of £1200 off the insurers. This is under a Government agreement. So this could be why they are very persuading with people to make a claims either way.

Not just solicitors are pulling in the money, doctors are also making big fees just by diagnosing a person with whiplash, they get this for every victim they sign off. Its hard for a doctor not to diagnose someone with whiplash as its a soft tissue injury and only shows little physical symptoms so its very hard for them to say they haven’t got whiplash when the chances are they could have.

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