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A Glance through the Conditional Fee Agreement Terms

September 20, 2012 by  Filed under News


The craze erupted surrounding no-win-no-fee solicitors are on a full growth with the passage of time and their success in their undertakings. But, just as it happens with all subjects that rise to popularity, no win no fee solicitors are also subjected to bitter criticism and abominable gossips. Mostly generated by the failed defendants who had to end up paying a large sum of money, such rumors do not have a solid basis which can be trusted or even considered for future thinking. However, straight negation of the claims made by several entrepreneurs about their unscrupulous acts will not sound viable unless their policy is well discussed to support it. Whether it is a whiplash claim or an RTA claim, this agreement works for all kinds of non-fault accidental cases.

The Pro-Bono  Root

Bible talks of a concept named Pro Bono Publico which has been brought into the service industry to facilitate the buyers. The concept of no-win-no-fee originates from this concept and is thus, more client-centric than the professionals rendering the services. You might well raise the question as to why solicitors volunteer to provide such service when other payment policies are more rewarding. As per the rules of the UK government, a certain percentage of the law professionals has to practice the pro bono way to keep the policy alive and in practice.

However, it is not the trainees and beginners, as you might think, to be enrolling for this agreement. Many successful lawyers operate on this principle, primarily on humanitarian ground and secondarily, because they only take up cases that they are certain cases. Whether it is an accident at work or a child birth injury compensation claim, no-win-no-fee lawyers only take up the most straight-forward  cases that can be won by their expertise and experience without fail. In that way, the claimants can also be assured of winning just by the slightest indication of acceptance.

Fees of the Lawyers

The fees of the lawyers are nothing different from the regular lawyers, expect for the expensiveness. The lawyers charge of no-win-no-fee types also charge hourly at their flourishing career phase. But, the difference that the policy makes is the assurance that the services come with. They do not charge a milestone at the beginning of the case or in the middle to secure their efforts. The payment is due only when the case is won, and compensation has been acquired in hand. You can expect to get at least a major portion of the compensation amount with which you can comfortably pay up the lawyer. On another thought, if your lawyer can derive 100% compensation, you will not have to bear any expense at all as your legal expense comes included in the award.

Extra Charges                       

Extra hidden costs are something more clients are highly skeptical about. They fear hiring the services of legal professionals because of these unexpected charges that add to make the final amount quite outrageous. The no win no fee lawyers do not charge anything that they are secretive. Only a winning fee is tagged to the service charge as a reward for their hard work.  This again does not cross 100% of their fee.

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