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No Win No Fee Solicitors – How to Enlist Their Support?

June 30, 2012 by  Filed under News


The popularity of the no win no fee solicitors have reached great heights in recent days. This is obvious, for the services offered by the solicitors have indeed come to the rescue of millions of accident victims. It is by virtue of the support of these authorized lawyers that people who would have otherwise preferred staying back from the process of getting involved into an elaborate legal process are interested in claiming compensation. However, the process of enlisting the support of the solicitors and most importantly, going ahead no win no fee solicitors with the claims is still not as easy as it might sound to be. The fact is that certain factors need to be carefully considered while choosing the solicitors and signing up for the no win no fee agreement.

Since the introduction of the no win no fee system back in 1995 in UK, the term has become quite familiar and has been used in different contexts of compensation claims.  However, there are many who are still not able to comprehend what the system is all about. One must remember in this respect that a misinterpretation of the statement no win no fee might lead to lots of troubles to be taken on part of the claimants. The no win no fee system precisely refers to the Conditional Fee Agreement, which lays down the clause that the claimant must get 100% of the compensation received. This indicates to the point that the solicitors are not supposed to be asking for their fees from their already suffering clients. At the same time, once the claim is won, the legal expenses of the claimant are covered up by the opponent, that is, the party at fault.

You are able to make a proper appraisal of your right to claim compensation only when you have the right solicitor by your side. By right solicitor, specialization is meant. The compensation claims are usually filed for different types of accidents, each of which needs to be dealt with in a different manner. As such, the steps taken to present the claim also differ accordingly. A particular solicitor will hardly know in details about filing the car accident claims, the whiplash claims, the work accident claims and all other varieties. Thus, when you choose a solicitor, you must make sure that he or she possesses all the knowledge and skills to handle the particular variety of claim you are making. The specialization ensures that the effort in making the claim emerge successful is directed in the right way.

Since the no win no fee solicitors basically provide you with cost- free legal services and solutions, it is natural for them to take up cases that exhibit maximum chances of success. The lawyers hear from the clients all the details about the accident that took place and then decide on whether the case in hand is valid enough to be made into a claim. To let the solicitors be of real help to you, you must make sure providing them with honest and accurate details.

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